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How One Display Upgrade Will Get You Ready For Gameday

How One Display Upgrade Will Get You Ready For Gameday

Is Your Entertainment System Ready for Some Football?

It’s the most magical time of year. Not because the leaves are changing color. Nor because of the crisp fall air. It’s not even because the winter holidays are just around the corner.

No, it’s because the next few months will see the MLB playoffs, the start of NHL and NBA seasons, and, of course, the beginning of football season.

In other words, it’s time for an AV upgrade.

Whether you’re cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles to a second straight Super Bowl win, ready to see the Houston Astros win the pennant, or want to see how LeBron does with the LA Lakers, you’re going to want to experience it with the best AV possible.

Here, you’ll find some helpful hints at how you can upgrade your entertainment system for the ultimate sports season.


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Experience HFR

If you’ve been following any kind of video display developments over the past few years, you probably know a bit about 4K and HDR. Those are two technologies that have completely transformed the way we see our video displays.

While 4K offers an image with greater pixel density, high-dynamic range provides new levels of depth by widening the gamut between the brightest white and the deepest black visible on screen.

But if you’re a sports fan, the most exciting tech development may be high frame rate settings. The reason? It makes following the ball way easier.

HFR allows your TV to playback 48 to 60 frames per second. To put that in context, most movies and shows are shot and played back at 24 fps. It’s what gives movies the “cinematic” look. Sports, on the other hand, are shot at higher frame rates. That flattens the image out but makes it much easier to follow motion.

For years, TVs have provided artificial upscaling on frame rate playback. When you switched to the “sports” setting, your TV would digitally double the frames. You may have noticed a strange dragging in the images that’s casually dubbed the “soap opera” look.

HFR is different. Rather than doubling frames, it plays back at actual 60 fps. That means you can enjoy the game with unparalleled clarity.

From 4K to HDR and HFR settings, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home entertainment system.


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