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How Can Motorized Shades Make Your Home Safer?

How Can Motorized Shades Make Your Home Safer?

Enhance Privacy While Protecting Your Most Vulnerable Family Members

When you think about security measures for your home, your shades may be the last thing that comes to mind. But the shades in your house can serve as much more than a stylistic statement. Beyond enhancing your privacy, motorized window shades can also help you better protect your belongings and family members whether you’re home or off on a summer vacation. Below we showcase some of the ways that automated shading solutions can make your Minneapolis, MN home safer.

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Automated Privacy

With motorized shades, it's simple to strike a balance between style and privacy. With dual roller shades, you can have beautiful sheer fabric showcased throughout the day then blackout fabric at night. There are a variety of options when it comes to handling these changes. They can be made manually through the smart device of your choice or automate when shades open or close. For example, you can schedule your privacy shades to lower every evening at 6 p.m.

Motion sensors are also useful in areas of your home where privacy may be expected throughout the day. As soon as you enter into your walk-in closet or bathroom, shades automatically lower to provide privacy. If you’d rather have more daylight at that time, you can use a remote or smart device to open the shades back up.

Kid and Pet Safety

One of the biggest perks of installing motorized shades is getting rid of cords. Not only does this result in a sleek interior design, but it also removes one of the biggest safety hazards in your home. According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly one child each month dies after being entangled with a window cord. This may be due to curiosity or simply getting caught in looped-up cords.

According to the report, the most vulnerable areas are bedrooms and living rooms where caregivers think kids are the safest, so they're less monitored. While there are child-proof window coverings available, they are still not as safe as simply going cord-free with motorized shades. Install these shades in any area where kids may be left alone to avoid accidents. Take the same precautions when it comes to pets, which often become entangled in these cords as well.

Vacation Settings

If you're going away this summer for a little R&R, motorized window shades can make your home safer. Would-be thieves prefer to target empty homes. For this reason, you need to take additional measures to make it seem like your home is still occupied. You can coordinate with neighbors to pick up your mail while you are away and avoid posting your vacation plans on social media.

Using a “Vacation” setting or timer, you can also have your shades open and close while you’re away. This is a relatively simple way to make people think that you’re home. Match up these settings with your usual energy-saving habits, so you get to reap double the benefits!

Whether you prefer more privacy or want to make your space safer for family members, motorized window shades are an ideal solution. To learn more about the benefits of smart shading, reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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