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Enjoy Your Favorite Music in Every Corner of Your Home

Enjoy Your Favorite Music in Every Corner of Your Home

Eliminate Common Hurdles with a Multi-Room Audio Solution

Unleash the power of your favorite entertainment with a multi-room audio solution that consolidates control of your streaming services, media library, turntables and more. Through a professional installation, you can limit the amount of equipment you need and manage it all from a dedicated touchpad, smartphone or tablet. This type of streamlined system results in a cohesive solution that gives you access to your favorite music no matter where you are in your Deerfield Beach, FL home. In this article, we highlight three key areas that can benefit from a multi-room audio solution.

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Though we typically associate entertainment systems with living rooms or theaters, the kitchen is one of the most popular spots to listen to music throughout the day. It's a great way to pass the time while washing the dishes or cooking dinner; it's also usually the first place people congregate during a dinner party or where the family catches up. While music is popular in the kitchen, it can pose a number of unique challenges given the way the room is used.

No counter space is more valuable than the one in the kitchen, leaving little space for bookshelf speakers. Instead, you can install in-ceiling speakers that offer powerful audio without taking up any space. Control is another challenge when it comes to the kitchen. Often your hands are too busy uncorking a wine bottle or preparing food to adjust the volume or change to a different playlist. Make sure your multi-room audio solution has voice control capabilities so you can make the necessary changes even when your hands aren’t free.

Living Rooms

Your media room is one of the most versatile spaces in your home which is why it can benefit so much from a multi-room audio solution that offers quick access to all your favorite music. While some homeowners like showcasing speakers in their living rooms, you can also opt for in ceiling or in-wall speakers to keep your home’s décor as the focal point.

You can then use a touchpad, tablet or smartphone to pull up the music you want. One of the biggest perks of a multi-room audio solution is the ability to pair speakers together to have the same thing playing in different areas. This is great when having a dinner party as people move back and forth from the kitchen to the living room.

Outdoor Spaces

Multi-room audio is the key to taking music outdoors. You can consolidate all your source components into an AV closet then transmit the sound to your outdoor speakers to keep vulnerable equipment indoors. Manage your system from a touchpad or smartphone, so you don’t have to walk back inside to change the song or adjust the volume.

You can also create distinct audio zones within your outdoor spaces, allowing different family members to choose what they want to listen to. While the kids listen to the latest hits by the pool, you can enjoy your favorite album on the patio. Your speaker layout is expertly designed to limit the amount of sound that drifts from one zone to the next.

With a multi-room audio system, it’s easy to distribute music to any corner of your home, no matter the space’s limitations. To learn more about the benefits of a whole home audio solution feel free to reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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