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Eliminate Scheduling Stress with a Commercial Automation System

Eliminate Scheduling Stress with a Commercial Automation System

Increase Productivity and Get Rid of Scheduling Woes at Your Office

No matter what kind of office layout you have, scheduling spaces consistently causes a headache. You don’t want to find out that a room is already booked when you’re about to have a meeting with a client, and then find yourself with no separate meeting space available.

If you have a flexible workspace, there's still a need for isolated areas for group projects and private meetings, but it can be tricky to manage those different zones without an organized system.

A spreadsheet might help people know what spaces are available and let them schedule specific times, but that requires constant upkeep so it doesn’t become a mess. And what happens when meetings end early or run late? There are constant changes in scheduling, but there’s technology that is prepared to deal with all of that.

A commercial automation system is the best solution for your scheduling woes, unifying all your meeting spaces with a sleek, easy-to-use interface accessible from various locations.

Read on to learn more about how a commercial automation system simplifies the scheduling process to make your Dallas-area office run smoother than ever.

Automation Increases Efficiency

Imagine pushing a single button that emails your staff letting them know a room is available, switches a hallway sign to visibly announce vacancy, and changes the room’s status on an app that any employee can access from their smart device.

A commercial automation system from Crestron can do all this and more. In addition to controlling the various automated technologies you have in your office — audio, video, lighting, window treatments, temperature — it features multiple features that streamline scheduling.

Refine the Scheduling Process

Linking your system to a scheduling platform sends out automatic notifications when rooms are empty, and lets people know ahead of time when and where they have a meeting so they get there on time. No more need for spreadsheets, because people can now reserve spaces from a phone, tablet, or touchscreen placed outside each room. 

You can see what rooms are currently in use from down the hall with room availability hallway signs mounted from the wall or ceiling, which glow bright green when the room is available or red when occupied. These signs automatically switch when people check in and out of the space.

Signs can be engraved with room numbers and your company’s name and logo, and the technology is customizable with HTML 5 support that allows you to transfer your company’s design and UX layout.

Operate from Your Mobile Device

A mobile app connected to your commercial automation system provides a centralized control system and information hub, making it easy for employees to see each room’s status and operate its different functions once inside.

A search function allows employees to find a room that has the seating capacity and technology they need. If you have a large building or campus, location services help people find rooms that are closest to everyone involved so they don’t have to spend too long getting to and from each area.


To learn more about how a commercial automation system can remove the stress of scheduling for your Dallas-area office, contact one of our experts at (972) 488-5100 or by filling out our online form.


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