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Debunking 5 Common Smart Home Automation Myths

Debunking 5 Common Smart Home Automation Myths

Break Past the Misconceptions about Smart Homes

Smart home automation is often a generalized and broad concept. As such, it’s easy for misinformation about home technology to spread. Whether you’re just now learning about the possibilities of automation in your Cherry Hill, NJ home or you consider yourself a smart home aficionado, it’s never a bad time to ensure you have an accurate idea of what automation can do for you. Read on to challenge your understanding against these five common myths. 

1. You have to be tech-savvy to live in a smart home

Home automation can be daunting at first, especially if you’re the type of person who struggles to find the right buttons on the TV remote. But the great thing about automation systems is that they are designed to streamline your technology, making it much easier to control your home. Instead of juggling different remotes, apps, and devices in every room, you have one central system that does it all. With an intuitive touchscreen and integrated voice control, it couldn’t be easier to manage all of the technology.

2. Smart homes all look futuristic

The media is to blame for this one. It’s not often you see a depiction of a modern smart home that shows how technology actually integrates into each room. That’s because when you’re trying to emphasize a futuristic environment for your latest sci-fi show, you’re going to want to make the technology blatantly obvious. But that’s not accurate. In reality, automation systems are designed to blend into your existing home décor and design.

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3. Smart homes aren’t worth the investment

It’s true that luxury home technology isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile. First, your automation system can manage energy efficiency in your home, optimizing energy usage and saving money in the long run. But let’s be honest for a moment: the true value of smart home automation isn’t in its cost savings, but rather in enhancing your lifestyle. It gives you more time to do more important things, and it creates a perfect environment for comfort and beauty throughout your property. What could be more valuable than that?

4. Smart homes are a security breach waiting to happen

With any internet-connected device, there’s always the concern that it could be hacked. And what’s the point of having smart door locks or surveillance cameras if someone can simply hack into the system and walk inside your property? You don’t have to worry. Any home technology integrator worth their salt will only use smart devices that utilize strong security measures to keep your home and your data safe at all times.

5. All smart home technology is the same

It’s easy to see why people tend to put smart home technology in a box. After all, every smart home company out there seems to offer the same feature sets: home lighting automation, motorized shades, AV, security, etc. However, a quality home technology professional will be able to design and implement a fully customized solution for you. Practically any aspect of your home can be made smarter with the right technology. Mark Zuckerberg’s smart home system, for example, has an automated T-shirt cannon that will shoot over one of his iconic clothing choices with a single voice command.

BRAVAS always seeks to provide our clients with helpful insight into bespoke home technology. If you have questions about automating your home, we’re just one phone call away. 

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