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Can the Right Interior Design Enhance Your Well-Being?

Can the Right Interior Design Enhance Your Well-Being?

Boost Your Feng Shui with Custom Home Interior Finishes

When it comes to designing a unique style for your luxury home, it’s not just about expressing your personality. There are a variety of studies that demonstrate the effect of interior design on your physical and mental well-being. Many people are familiar with this idea in the form of the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, which is all about creating harmony between a person and his or her surroundings. In this article, we explain how to use home interior finishes throughout your San Francisco, CA space to enhance relaxation, productivity and concentration. 

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This is the place where you’re going to nurture your family, so it needs to have the right vibe. Choose a color palette that promotes efficiency while giving off a calm atmosphere. White makes sense for this space, but you want to add warmer accents so you don’t end up with a cold, sterile environment.

Incorporate home interior finishes like flush-mount outlets and switches to match the white surroundings, or choose a warm color for these finishes so as to bring those necessary accents to your kitchen. There are some interesting Feng Shui theories when it comes to picking your complementary colors. Yellow is supposed to promote socialization, green improves digestion, and for those watching their weight blue is meant to curb hunger.

Living Room

The priority in your living room is to eliminate clutter to reduce anxiety. You can take advantage of hidden speakers and televisions and consolidate all your remotes into a dedicated touchpad. With custom home interior finishes, that touchpad can be flush-mounted on the wall, so it's not in the way when it’s not being used.

There are also some color schemes that are ideal for this area of your home.  Red can promote activity when hosting family or friends. Blue or black accents encourage calmness and relaxation while yellow offers a nurturing touch. It's all about having variety while still achieving an overall balance for the room. Create unique home interior finishes for your lights, outlets, and touchpad mounts to serve as small details that won’t overwhelm the other elements in the room. 


If you’re having trouble relaxing at the end of the day or getting a good night’s sleep, the right stylistic elements can make a big difference in your bedroom. When it comes to your colors, you want to go with warm, relaxing tones like cream, tan, or peach. To give a touch of romantic energy to your space, use your home interior finishes to add red, burgundy, or magenta color splashes to the room.

Probably the one Feng Shui practice that everyone knows about is bed placement. Your bed should always be as far from the door as possible. Here is where control from a dedicated touchpad can be a great asset, as your design is not limited by where your wall switches are. Use a home automation system to place all your technology on a touchpad that is elegantly flush-mounted next to your bed.

It’s time to embrace an interior design that enhances your wellbeing while showcasing your unique personality. Contact a local BRAVAS partner to see how their technology solutions can help you create the right environment in your home. 

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