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Bravas Will Help You Find the Best Technology Integrator

BRAVAS Will Help You Find the Best Technology Integrator

Sift through the Options to Find the Best Expert for Your Needs

If you are building a large home or entering an extensive remodel, it’s important to ensure that you have the best technology expert on your team. However, locating the right integrator for your needs among all the different technology contractors in your area may not be as easy as you think. Whether you choose to work with a BRAVAS partner or another quality firm in your market doing your homework in advance will always pay off.

It’s interesting that most custom integrators remain fairly stealthy—not out of some attempt to hide from potential new homeowner clients, but rather because they focus on building close relationships with their existing clients and with trades such as architects, builders and interior designers. As a result, the typical search methods may have you coming up high and dry.

So here some tips for finding the better ones:

  1. Use Google search and type in search queries that combine the services you are looking for and the area where you live (e.g. Home Lighting Control Cherry Hill NJ).
  2. When navigating home technology professionals' websites, pay extra attention to their galleries and example projects. Look for projects that are similar to yours, as this will be a good indication of the type of projects they normally take on.
  3. Remember that you can’t judge a book by its cover; a pretty website doesn’t always translate to the best integrator, so dig a bit deeper. Read reviews, testimonials, and any content they’ve provided about their process in order to better understand the integrator’s capabilities.
  4. Use key distinguished lines and brands like Lutron, ELAN, Sony, DPI, and Origin Acoustics to find the dealer in your area.
  5. Click from the audio video contractor’s website over to their social media profiles such as their Facebook page. Look for signs of life and what their day to day operation looks like and how engaged are their followers.

Google search is your friend and will come in handy when navigating through the many options. Remember to search for the services, brands and capabilities coupled with geographic references, so that your results show local options, not someone 1000 miles away. Happy hunting.

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