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Are Your Furnishings Protected from Sun Damage?

Are Your Furnishings Protected from Sun Damage?

Stop UV Rays before They Cause Any Harm to Your Dallas, TX Home

There’s no denying that large windows offer a lot of benefits to a room – more natural light, an airy feel, gorgeous outdoor views… But as glass architecture becomes more popular in luxury homes, we’re starting to see a troubling trend: irreparable damage to furniture, rugs, and décor.

This damage occurs slowly over time, so you might not even realize it’s happening until you decide to rearrange the furniture. To avoid dealing with damage to beloved furnishings or the hassle of replacing items, the best approach is to make sure the sun never has the chance to make an impact. Motorized shades can do that for you.

How Much Damage Can UV Rays Do?

The sun can harm more than just your skin – leather, wood, and fabric are all susceptible to sun damage.  Over time, the harsh Texas sun can cause your furnishings to fade, have discolored spots, and gain an aged, cracked appearance.

Some fabrics are more susceptible to this damage than others. While cotton and mixed blend materials are more resilient to UV rays, any decorations or furnishings made of silk, linen, wood, or leather should be carefully protected from the sun. After six months next to a window, your leather sofa could be completely cracked, faded, and stiff, with no easy way to repair it.

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How Do Motorized Shades Help?

Keeping these delicate household items in areas without any natural sunlight isn’t an ideal solution, so instead, put smart technology to work so that you can enjoy natural light without the harmful side effects. It really is as simple as installing motorized shades. The shades include heat and light sensors that monitor how much sunlight is entering the room throughout the day. When the sun is at its peak, the shades automatically close to shield the room’s interior from the solar rays.

Designing a shading solution goes far beyond adding a motor to some fabric – we can strategically choose shades with the right weave, color, and material to filter out UV rays and let in the ideal amount of natural light. Even better, we can install double-roller shades that give you two different shading options depending on how you wish to use each room – ranging from light, open shades to protect from solar radiation while still letting in some brightness all the way to complete blackout shades that refuse to let any light enter the area.

If you would like to learn more about the different options for smart window treatments and the benefits they offer for your home, contact a local BRAVAS partner today.

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