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An Easier Way to Prepare for the Holidays

An Easier Way to Prepare for the Holidays

Create the Best Environment for Friends and Family this Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and each month delivers an abundance of festivities to partake in and enjoy with others.  Before the holidays arrive, you’ll want to optimize every advanced aspect of your smart home.  Make the bustling weeks ahead stress-free by managing your house’s smart technology throughout every room.  We have listed below optimal solutions to increase that precise holiday feel by utilizing the smart home automation in your San Francisco, CA home.  Read on to learn how the holidays can become the most wonderful – and relaxed – time of the year.

1. Fill the Room with Cheer

You might be planning the perfect party and are set to have friends and family over to enjoy a nice dinner or gift exchange.  The holidays present an ideal opportunity to enrich your surroundings and up your party game both visually and audibly.  Your guests will be amazed as you press a single button or use a voice command to transform the room. Turn on holiday music or jingles simply by selecting the option on your smartphone, letting the spirited tunes fill the air.  Have guests sitting around the TV in the living room?  Use the same controls to flip on a favorite holiday movie.  You know how to entertain – now let your home enhance your efforts and hard work.

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2. Holly Jolly Feelings All Around

Not only can audio and video advancements set the mood for a get-together, but so can the décor.  Home automation can help with that as well.  Your controlled lighting gives you the power to turn on outdoor decorative lights as soon as the sun goes down, so you can greet your guests with a welcoming and stunning view as they drive up.  Dim the lights as dinner begins, creating ambiance and feel-good memories.  On a particularly cold evening, you can up the temperature, so every guest feels comfortable and at home.  Your everyday smart technology transforms into the perfect holiday tools and adornments to delight both you and your company.

2. Safe and Sound

The holiday season is an apt time to leave town and visit out-of-state family.  But the one thing on your mind might not be packing or remembering the gifts, but rather the safety of your empty home.  Smart technology can guarantee your home’s protection.  While away, you can check real-time high-definition surveillance videos and have your phone notify you if any unwanted activity occurs.  Have the monitoring sensors trigger lights to turn on automatically if there is night-time movement near your home.  Even right after the holidays are over, you can sleep soundly knowing your family is safe from break-ins and burglary with advanced alarm systems and cameras in place.  Keep your peace of mind and plan the holidays around you – not your worries.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be so taxing.  With smart home solutions, you can take the control back into your hands and manage the technology to fit your every holiday need.  Learn more by speaking with your local BRAVAS partner.

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