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Add Elegance and Convenience to Your Home with Smart Shading

Add Elegance and Convenience to Your Home with Smart Shading

How Motorized Shades Can Enhance Your Luxury Home

Though they may not be as flashy as outdoor lighting or home theater systems, motorized shades can have a transformative impact on your Cherry Hill, NJ home. Our designers work with your interior designer to come up with a smart shading solution that enhances your personal style while adding convenience and efficiency to your everyday lifestyle. With the rights fabrics and products, you can take advantage of all the benefits motorized shades have to offer.

Get Convenient Control of Your Shades

Forget about having to climb over furniture or having to untangle cords or chains to manage your shades. With smart shading, you have effortless control from the device of your choice. BRAVAS designers work with you to explore the solutions that make the most sense. For your living room or kitchen, you may want to manage your shades with your smartphone since you know you'll have it handy. For the bathroom, open and close them with a remote that sits by your bathtub. Permanently placed controls are options too.

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Protect Your Family’s Privacy with Smart Control

Motorized shades can also help to enhance your family's privacy. If you forget to lower the shades before getting in the shower, you can use your remote or a switch by the wall to close them instead of having to walk up to the window. You can also take advantage of scheduled scenes. Make sure your home isn’t exposed overnight with a scene that closes all your shades at a given time each night. Create a separate scene that opens them back up when it’s time to wake up.

Give a Boost to Your Interior Design

In the past, interior designers had to strike a balance between aesthetics and convenience. Sure those two-story windows would look great with sheer shades, but how would you control them? You don’t have to worry about that anymore with control from a remote or touchpad. You can get smart shades in all colors and varieties. Most manufacturers offer Venetian blinds, honeycomb blinds, drapery and even wooden blinds and have thousands of color options so you can find what works best with the design you have in mind.

Boost Your Energy Management

Do you want to make sure your luxury home is environmentally friendly? With a smart home automation system, you can get your motorized shades to work with your lights and thermostat to enhance your energy management. You can have shades open and lights dim when natural light is available, so you’re not using energy when it’s not needed. If you want it to be a crisp 68 degrees throughout the day, your thermostat can direct your shades to close during the hottest time of the day. This way it takes less energy to keep your space at the desired temperature.

Protect Your Investment

Perhaps the main reason for a great shading system is to protect your investment in floors, furniture and wall art that can be destroyed with harsh UV rays.

To learn more about the ways smart shading can enhance your home, contact the BRAVAS Partner nearest you to set up a consultation.

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