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A Glimpse into the Professional Home Theater Design Process

A Glimpse into the Professional Home Theater Design Process

Our Method for Turning Your Dream Theater into a Reality

Our Method for Turning Your Dream Theater into a Reality

When you choose to work with a BRAVAS partner, you’re getting the assurance and skill that comes from years of experience. Over those years, each BRAVAS partner has fine-tuned their process for designing and implementing private cinemas that are truly exceptional. If you’re considering adding a theater to your Atlanta, Georgia home, you probably want to know what you can expect.

Below, we outline the steps that quality integrators include in their home theater design and installation process.

Planning and Assessment

One thing you definitely won’t get when working with a BRAVAS partner is a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, our first step is to strive to better understand your goals and desires for the space. If you have a particular theme or design that you’re looking for, we want to have a clear idea of it so that we can fully achieve your vision.

A big part of this process is assessing the actual area where the home theater will be located. We analyze the size, shape, and layout of the room so that we can plan for factors that might affect acoustics, lighting, visual quality, and more. Based on this information, we can identify the theater equipment that will best achieve the highest quality experience. And once you’re happy with the initial plan, we can move forward into the implementation phase.

Communication and Collaboration with Other Contractors

Rarely is a high-end theater a one-man job. Instead, it’s a joint effort involving many different trades, such as interior designers, electricians, and (for new construction) architects and builders. As the theater experts, we guide these contractors in the best practices for home theater design and oversee the entire process. This ongoing collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page, which in turn keeps the project running smoothly and quickly so that you can enjoy your private cinema sooner.


We understand the discretion and care that is needed when working on luxury homes. Throughout every step of the process, our team members work to cause as little disruption as possible in your daily life.
The first part of implementation will be the initial wiring. Home theaters require cabling and networking equipment that ensures you’ll never experience any lag or delay when streaming 4K Ultra HD films. Once that initial wiring is in place, we can move forward with installing the speakers, sound equipment, projector, screen, etc. We’ll collaborate closely with an interior designer during this phase to ensure that beautiful décor and acoustics complement each other instead of fighting against each other.

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Final Polish

Our job is not finished until the theater is pristine. During this phase, we carefully test each aspect of the theater to ensure there are no areas with less than optimal sound or visuals. We also verify that the home automation system controlling the room’s lights, climate, audio, video, etc. is working seamlessly so that, at a push of a button or voice command, your theater can transform into the perfect cinematic environment. We will walk you through the smart home interface so that you have a solid understanding of how to control your theater via smartphone, tablet, remote, or voice. And of course, if you have any questions at a later date, we’re only one phone call away.

In short: our method is to do whatever we can to achieve the highest quality home theater design possible in a way that is efficient and painless for you.

If you would like to learn more about adding a private cinema to your property, please contact a BRAVAS member by clicking the live chat window below or visiting our locations page.

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