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7 Overlooked Home Interior Finishes

7 Overlooked Home Interior Finishes

Small Details Can Have a Big Impact

Whether building a new home in the Atlanta, Georgia area or renovating an older property, there’s no denying that there are a lot of decisions to make. Paint color, furniture placement, cabinetry style, and more – all of these elements come together to form a cohesive interior design. With so much focus on those big picture decisions, it’s easy to overlook the home interior finishes. Below, we outline seven subtle aspects of your home that are worth giving an upgrade.

Light Switches

Especially for large rooms with multiple light fixtures, having a wall devoted to light switches may not be the best use of space. This wall acne might add some functionality, but it’s hardly pleasing to look at. Consider swapping all the light switches for elegant keypads or a sleek touch panel. You still have a tactile way to control the lights, but it’s far less obtrusive than the standard switches.

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Your home’s walls are a blank canvas for art, so why would you settle for standard, builder-grade doors? Antique or custom-designed doors infuse personality into a space. It’s a perfect opportunity to highlight your interior design style within each room. 

Door Knobs

On that same note, a plain knob on each door isn’t doing your home interior finishes any favors. Opt for something with personality. For entryways in particular, upgrade to smart door locks that you can control from your smartphone or tablet. You can get beautiful door knobs that are far more useful than their typical counterparts.


Few things distract from a room’s design more than a jumbled mess of cords behind the TV or sound system. There’s no reason to have the cords visible – they can be completely hidden within walls, ceilings, or floors so that your electronics have what they need, but your interior design scheme doesn’t suffer.

Window Shade Hardware

Having visible curtain rods above the window casing is a very basic look, and it can also cause the room to appear shorter than it actually is. For a sleek look, install motorized shades that are hidden when not in use. Instead of having a curtain rod cut the wall in half, you’ll gain a smooth, uninterrupted view. 

Security System

Just like with light switches, a standard security system keypad by the entryway is a prime example of wall acne. However, you obviously don’t want to sacrifice security for aesthetics. When upgrading to a smart security system, you can replace the clunky box on the wall with an integrated touch panel, possibly even hidden away entirely until you need to enter an access code or check on surveillance cameras.

Surveillance Cameras

Don’t opt for eyesores on your front porch or in living areas. Many high-end surveillance camera manufacturers supply hidden alternatives – cameras that are designed to look like doorbells, smoke alarms, or sculptures. You get the benefits of protecting your home without the drawbacks of making an ugly camera the focal point of the room.

A cohesive design requires an expert eye for both the big picture and minute details. If you would like more guidance on incorporating these home interior finishes into your property, contact a local BRAVAS partner.

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