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7 Creative Ideas to Finish Off Your Home Theater Design

7 Creative Ideas to Finish Off Your Home Theater Design

The Accessories that Take Your Theater to the Next Level

What does it take to create a home theater capable of plunging you into the traditional cinema experience? A high-quality screen, projector, and surround system are all must-haves, but the right equipment is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s the interior design aspects that take great sound and visuals and transform them into a theater. Putting together a bunch of accessories for a specific theme is an easy way to achieve that goal, but what if you want a traditional feel for your Cherry Hill, NJ home theater design? Consider the ideas listed below as a way to take your private cinema from good to great.

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Ticket Booth

Ticket booths can be as simple or extravagant as you want. You can use this décor idea to integrate a control touch panel for your smart home automation system so that you can select your desired movie right as you enter the theater.

Velvet Ropes

High-quality velvet ropes and stanchions are a great way to indicate at the entrance that you and your guests are about to walk into a truly authentic theater experience.

Popcorn Machine

Immerse all of your senses with a theater popcorn machine. Fill the room with the mouthwatering smell of salty, buttery popcorn that you can enjoy while it’s hot and fresh.

Concession Counter

If popcorn isn’t your movie snack of choice, then why not add a concession counter fully stocked with your favorite treats? Guests at your theater can help themselves to a selection of traditional movie candies and salty snacks.

Wet Bar

Include a wet bar in the back corner of the theater so that you can enjoy your drink of choice as you watch films. Integrate lighting control with motion sensors so that the bar’s lights don’t distract from the screen unnecessarily but still illuminate the area if someone wants to mix a cocktail during the film.


Don’t want AV equipment detracting from your clean home theater design? Curtains are the perfect way to hide the equipment while also increasing the authenticity of the overall design. Use motorized shade technology to open the curtains wide enough to reveal the movie screen at the push of a button.

Authentic Signage

Both outside the theater and on the interior, cinema signage is both practical and fun. Add traditional exit signs over the entry way, a box office sign over the ticket booth, or even a digital marquee that displays what movie you’ve chosen to watch.

A quality home theater design is not something you should skimp on. To learn more about how to ensure your theater has the best acoustics, visuals, and décor possible, contact a local BRAVAS partner today.

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