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5 Ways to Access Your Favorite Music with Multi-Room Audio

5 Ways to Access Your Favorite Music with Multi-Room Audio

Take Control of Your System Just the Way You Want It

Everyone likes to enjoy their favorite music in completely different ways. Some may want to immerse themselves in sound in a listening room, while others want music playing softly in the background when cooking or hosting friends. Why shouldn’t there be some variety on how you manage music as well? One of the benefits of a multi-room audio system is that you can also control how you access your music in your Minneapolis, MN home. Read on to learn the many ways you can manage your music to find the one that makes the most sense for you:

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Dedicated Touchpad

Each room in your luxury home can have a dedicated touchpad that offers access to all your entertainment. From an intuitive user menu you can choose what you want to hear and where you want it to play, whether it’s just in the room you’re currently in or in multiple areas of your home. Your touchpad gives you immediate access to all your source components: streaming services, CDs, media players and more.

Mobile App

For more impromptu music sessions, you can simply pull out your smartphone and access that same user menu from a mobile app. As you walk around your home, group rooms together so your favorite playlist follows you wherever you go. Each member of your family can have their own personal profile, so the albums or streaming services they prefer are easy to access.

Voice Control

Feel the sudden urge to listen to a song but don’t want to have to get your touchpad or pull out your phone? Why not take advantage of voice control in your multi-room audio system? Simply say, “Play party playlist”, and the music begins. Voice control is also great in situations where your hands are busy whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or simply reading a book on the couch.

Smart Remote

Many people still enjoy having physical buttons to press when accessing their entertainment. Smart remotes offer that sense of comfort while still offering easy access to all your music. Though most are limited to one-room applications (so you can’t group several rooms together), they still offer easy access to all your source components so you can switch between streaming, vinyl records, or digital libraries.

Scheduled Scenes

You can also schedule certain music or programs to come on at a specific time. One popular application is the use of “Wake Up” scenes. Program a playlist to come on through your bedroom speakers when it’s time for you to get up in the morning. Sports fans can schedule the radio broadcast of the local team to come on as soon as the game is set to start so they don’t miss a second of the action.

One of the great things about music is that it’s intrinsically personal. Everyone listens to it in their own unique way; there’s no reason the way you control it should be any different. To learn more about the benefits of multi-room audio, feel free to reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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