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5 Timeless Styles to Incorporate into Your Home Interior Finishes

5 Timeless Styles to Incorporate into Your Home Interior Finishes

Evergreen Décor Choices for Your Cherry Hill Home

These days, everyone has an opinion on what’s “in” for 2017. Will subway tiles be popular for much longer? Are bold wallpapers going to be a fashion faux pas moving forward? Should you go for the butler pantry? Instead of trying to predict the future, go the evergreen route with the interior design equivalent of the Little Black Dress. The following home interior finishes are a smart choice for any New Jersey property.

1. Open Layout

An open, airy floorplan is not something we see changing any time soon. That’s because, beyond its design benefits, an open layout is very practical. You never have to worry about being closed off from friends and family in the kitchen or living room. Open layouts are like a blank canvas—you can arrange and rearrange your furnishings to your heart’s content without any major renovations.

2. Natural Light

Skip the modern, over-the-top light fixtures in favor of open windows and skylights. Natural light almost always enhances a room’s style, and in the few instances when it becomes a distraction, motorized shades provide the solution. When designing your home, go for unobtrusive recessed lighting. If extravagant fixtures become huge in the future, you can always incorporate them as standalone art pieces without having them conflict with existing chandeliers.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Yes, that terracotta tile might look good now, but when the trend shifts to marble floors next year, it will be a major pain. Hardwood, however, is a flooring option that looks fantastic no matter what theme or décor style you choose. If coloring styles change drastically over time, it’s much easier to sand down and re-stain the wood than it is to pull it up entirely. And with a neutral flooring choice, you can use area rugs to take advantage of whatever is trending.

4. No Clutter

Do you remember when boho chic was the big fad in interior design? It was essentially a mish-mashed collection of trinkets, patterns, and eclectic furniture cluttering up every room. Fortunately, it didn’t last long. The other extreme—stark minimalism—might get tiring after a while too, but there’s no way you can go wrong with a clean and simple design.

By clean and simple, we mean a room free of cords, multiple remotes, and random trinkets. Instead, figure out what you want to highlight in the room (a piece of artwork, a large window featuring a fantastic view, etc.), and coordinate the décor to focus the attention on that element. Utilize hidden TVs, invisible outlets, and other home interior finishes to create that seamless look.

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5. Neutral Wall Color

Tempted to go for that floral wallpaper in the dining room? Do yourself a favor and keep the paint a plain, neutral color. Colors and patterns change every season, and the right outlet for those trends is in textiles and artwork. It’s much easier to match rugs, window treatments, and art to a neutral wall than it is to try to find something to complement a specific pattern that was popular a year ago.

For more guidance on how to create a timeless look for your home, contact a local BRAVAS partner today.

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