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 5 Reasons You Need Multi-Room Audio

5 Reasons You Need Multi-Room Audio

Creating the ideal ambiance in every room of your home should include an audio component. Music can drastically affect the way in which you experience each space. How can you have complete control over the music in every room of your San Francisco, CA home? Multi-room audio empowers homeowners to play practically whatever they would like to hear whenever they would like to hear it. If you’re curious as to the benefits that accompany a whole home audio system, then continue reading and discover five reasons you need multi-room audio.

You Don’t Always Enjoy the Same Music as Your Family

You probably don’t listen to the same music as everyone in your family. Multi-room audio makes it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite music genre, latest podcast episode, or nearly any streaming internet radio station. A whole home solution separates the audio into zones. This allows everyone in the house to choose what they would like to hear in the spaces that they are occupying. To create a system that works best for your household, discuss how many zones you will need with your audio professional. 

You Love to Entertain 

If you invite friends or family over often, multi-room audio can also be used to play a single music source in multiple spaces. This is perfect for entertaining. You can create a consistent mood across several rooms of your home so that guests know they are free to move about these spaces. This also includes outdoor audio allowing you to entertain on the patio or porch. Before the party, create a playlist of songs or utilize a streaming service for continuous audio and select the rooms in which you would like it to play. Then, when guests arrive, you can simply press one button to set the mood. 

You Use a Variety of Audio Sources 

Multi-room audio also offers many options when it comes to where you audio is coming from. When building your system, discuss what your favorite sources are with your audio professional. They will ensure that your system is equipped to easily switch between whatever you deem to be important to you--whether that is streaming services, a personal collection of MP3s or even vinyl. Then, you can switch between sources with a few taps on your smartphone, touch panel, or handheld remote. 

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You Like to Upgrade 

One of the best aspects of multi-room audio is that it is highly adaptable. As technology improves or your needs change, you can always add on or improve your system. If you decide that you need more zones or would like to incorporate new audio sources, those changes can be made quickly. The key is building a strong foundation, then the additions are easier to incorporate. 

You Value a Clean Look 

One of your concerns when it comes to multi-room audio might be how it will affect the look of your home. You might think that achieving high-performance audio would require a lot of visible equipment throughout your spaces. This, however, is not necessarily the case. For many homes, the audio systems are nearly invisible. A seasoned audio professional will find an out-of-the-way location to house most of the equipment. Then, in each individual room, you can use hidden speakers that are installed in the walls or ceiling. A whole home audio system is one of the best ways to achieve great sound without impacting your home’s style. 

If you fall into any of these categories, then it might be time for a multi-room audio system. If that’s the case, you will need a skilled and trusted audio professional. Contact a local BRAVAS partner to learn more about getting started.

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