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5 Examples of the Versatility of Motorized Shades

5 Examples of the Versatility of Motorized Shades

Find Uses for Smart Shades Throughout Your Atlanta, GA Home

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits and applications of smart window treatments, and it’s another to see real-life examples of it. Below, we share five images of rooms and describe how motorized shades added value to each space. As you read over each description, imagine how a similar solution might fit into the different spaces of your home.


1: Block Out the Lights in the Media Room

In a multipurpose environment like a media room, there are going to be times where you want tons of light and times where light is completely unwelcome. When you want to enjoy films without dealing with the sun’s glare, motorized shades are there to help. The blackout roller shades block the majority of the sun, and the hanging drapery can close in front of the roller shades for an even darker environment.

2. Use Them Only When You Need Them

One of the main problems with traditional window treatments is that they’re always there. Especially with modern home designs that feature an open, airy concept, these permanent window fixtures can detract from the look and feel of your home. But window shades don’t have to be distracting. In the image above, can you spot the shades? With the push of a button, those glass windows could be completely covered. Hidden technology solutions keep the focus on the art and décor throughout your home, not the curtain rods.

3: Gain Privacy and Comfort

Bathrooms, bedrooms, and spas often have windows, but they are rooms where you will want differing levels of privacy throughout the day. To keep these areas at optimal comfort, install glare-reducing solar shades that can automatically lower when the sun is at its peak. Combine the solar shades with heavier drapery for instances in which you want complete privacy from the outside world.

4: Enhance Décor in the Private Cinema


Window shades don’t have to be just for blocking out light. They’re a great way to improve the look and ambiance of a space. The shades allow you to decorate a wall normally untouchable, since you can’t exactly cover up the big screen in your cinema all the time. Whether you go for the traditional red velvet shades or drapery more in line with an out-of-the-box theme, there’s no doubt that the smart shades will add depth and personality to the space.

5: Add Control in Hard-to-Reach Areas

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In a room similar to the image above, you would never consider adding traditional shades. Unless a ladder is a permanent part of the room, manually drawing or opening the shades each day would be impossible. But think of the advantages of a motorized shading solution for a room such as this: greater privacy, better energy-efficiency, perfect lighting levels throughout the day, more opportunities to enhance the décor… It’s really a no-brainer.

These images showcase just a few of the possibilities for incorporating motorized shades into your home’s design. To learn more, contact a local BRAVAS partner today.

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