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3 Security Features for a Smarter and Safer Home

SES Design Group Creates a Smart Solution That Keeps You a Step Ahead

There’s a reason home security systems are often a person’s first foray into the world of smart technology. They provide you peace of mind by keeping your family safe and keeping you connected to your home at all times. From alerts on your phone to remote control of your locks and surveillance videos, SES Design Group crafts a simple, convenient solution that will bring an added sense of security to your Houston, Texas home.

Stay Connected At All Times with Remote Monitoring

Get rid of any uncertainty surrounding your home with remote monitoring. Your security system goes with you wherever you go. Wondering if your children have made it home safe from school? You can receive an alert on your smartphone at work when they unlock the front door and access surveillance video to see how they’re doing once they’re in the house.

The system can be optimized to send you alerts according to your specific priorities. Know if a door was left unlocked or the garage door was left open. If you’re expecting someone like a housekeeper or babysitter to arrive, you can receive an alert on your phone when they approach the front door to disarm the security system remotely to let them in.

Avoid Disasters and Intruders with Strategic Sensors

Your lights and surveillance system can be linked to motion sensors to react instantly whenever unexpected activity is detected. If motion is detected in a protected area –like your children’s bedroom—the cameras activate and lights flood the area so intruders are visible and easy to identify. Many motion sensors are even pet-proof, so they’re not accidently activated by a dog or cat roaming the house.

Sensors in your home are not all about movement. Environmental sensors help you stay a step ahead of potential disasters. Aside from traditional smoke detectors, you can also install CO2 and flood sensors. When linked to your smart automation system, your home becomes proactive. If one of your flood sensors goes off, for example, the home’s water supply shuts off to limit the damage.

Add Simplicity with Pre-determined Scenes

A smart security system can alleviate some of the responsibility when it comes to everyday tasks. Don’t worry about forgetting to lock a door. With a pre-set “Lock Down” mode, your home automatically locks all doors and sets the alarm at a given time every night. A similar mode can be set up whenever you leave the house, eliminating the possibility for human error.

These pre-set modes can also work across multiple days and incorporate multiple systems. A ‘vacation’ mode helps to keep your home secure while you’re away for long periods of time by simulating activity. It does this by turning lights on and off and opening and closing shades according to your family’s usual routines or it can be set to occur at random.

Don’t fall behind when it comes to your family’s safety. Contact SES Design Group today to upgrade to a smart home security system.

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