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3 Rooms that Benefit from Automation

3 Rooms that Benefit from Automation

Intelligent Design Improves Nearly Every Space in Your Home

Perhaps you have heard about smart home automation, but you are unsure what the effects will be. In fact, the benefits and applications of intelligently integrated technologies are virtually endless. The whole point of automation is to create a home that beautifully meshes with your unique needs and lifestyle. This article illuminates some key functions of automation and how they can improve the comfort and ease of your Indianapolis, IN home. We will explore the possible effects of automation in three specific rooms. 

The Kitchen

Your kitchen tends to function as the heart of your home. From breakfast with your family to a dinner party with close friends, this space can define your daily experience. Take the time to design a kitchen that makes you happy to cook and entertain. Automation may be the answer.

Consider your kitchen’s lighting. Often, we cook and dine at home during the mornings and the evenings. These can be times of extreme sunlight angles and changing light. Prevent glares and unstable light with motorized shades. These shades can be programmed by an astrological clock, which means they will intelligently adjust with the angles of the sun. You won’t have to break away from your activities for your shades to be positioned correctly--they will do it automatically. Couple your shades with lighting control. Taking the time to work with a home technology contractor to develop a lighting scheme will ensure that your kitchen looks its best. When friends come over, program a light setting that will create the right mood and put your guests at ease.

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The Media Room

The modern family spends a lot of time with technology, so design a media room that brings your whole family together. With home automation, you can create a multi-purpose space with something for everyone. When all of your technologies are integrated into one system, it’s simple to move from one activity to another. Using one remote or a smartphone, easily switch from the audio system, streaming music to accompany a game of pool, to a video game mode that turns on the 4K television and gaming system and switches over the audio. Integration allows your family to share the space gracefully.

However, high-performance technology is not the only concern when designing a media room. You want the room to remain consistent with the styling of the rest of your home. Hidden technologies are a great way to keep both style and performance in mind. Hidden speakers can be installed in-walls, remaining virtually invisible. Hidden TVs or projectors and screens can descend from the wall or ceiling when it’s time to use them. Intelligent design considers the whole picture.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxing space. With intelligent technologies, expect your bedroom to become more convenient and cozy. For one, simple control over your heating and cooling system can mean a better night’s sleep and more comfortable mornings. Your bedroom’s temperature can have a major impact on your sleeping habits. Many people sleep better when temperatures are cooler. Program your smart thermostat to a cooler nighttime setting, and it can warm up your home just in time to leave the blankets behind. You can also make adjustments right from bed with your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be amazed at the impact.

If you’re ready to experience these benefits and features firsthand, get in touch with a local BRAVAS partner. We are prepared to help bring the style and convenience of automation to your home.

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