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2015 is the Year of The Home Theater Enthusiast

2015 is the Year of The Home Theater Enthusiast

SES Design Group Talks Tech Trends

Technology not only surrounds us, but it is also constantly evolving, improving and oftentimes blowing our minds. Just a few months into 2015 and it’s shaping up to be the year of the home theater enthusiast. Screens with better picture and sound quality, more streaming content options, and TVs with crazy curves are just a few of the cool developments taking place. Here we’ll explore the latest electronic advancements and industry trends of 2015.

Which tech trends are you watching? Will you make any upgrades to your Houston home in the next 12 months? SES Design Group partners with industry leaders to bring you the latest and greatest technology and makes it easy to use.

4K Ultra HD Goes Big

Off to a rocky start since its mainstream debut in 2013, Ultra HD has reached the tipping point. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show most major players’ announcements centered on new 4K displays. If you’re considering buying a high-end TV in 2015, Ultra HD is positioned to be the new standard and will continue to improve in picture quality and features. Plus the collection of 4K content is also growing right along with sales of 4K TVs. So why not transform your living room into a custom media room or home theater? The team at SES Design Group is poised to help you with every aspect, complete with exhilarating surround sound, perfectly positioned seating, and the ultimate viewing experience.

Alternatives to Satellite and Cable

Another trend you’re likely to see in 2015 is the continued growth of Internet TV options for set-top boxes and streaming media players with specialized content platforms. The arrival of some new online TV services will offer consumers live channel playback and on-demand content from a variety of networks like ESPN, ABC, and CNN. A couple other large TV networks are also launching their own streaming platforms to provide consumers with alternatives to cable and satellite. The TV content menu is moving closer to an “a la carte” system where customers pay only for the programming and channels they want to watch.

However, we suggest you don’t just cut the cord with your cable or satellite provider. Instead, conceal all the wires and cords from your electronics and control your entire home’s media with the simple press of one button. Ditch all those remotes and let us design the perfect control solution to meet your needs.

The Swimming Pool for the Millennium

A recent national survey conducted by Better Homes & Garden of people in the market for homes worth $1 million or higher found that more than half of respondents said a home theater is essential. Like a new kitchen, adding a home theater increases the value of the house. The only downside—people tend to invite themselves over.

Whether you want to transform another room or turn an outdoor space into a theater, we’ve got the experience and skill set it takes to design and engineer a room that will impress any home theater enthusiast and provide you with an experience unlike any other.

This year looks to be an exciting time for new technology. What advancements are you most excited about? When you work with the professionals at SES Design Group, we will guide you from project concept to completion. Give us a call to learn more.

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