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BRAVAS Case Study:

Seamless Integration

in the modern Art Gallery Home

"Our client envisioned a clean and modern living space that would resemble an art gallery. However, instead of traditional wall art, their preferred artistic elements were motorcycles, automobiles, and wine. "
To maintain a focus on these unique design elements, the objective was to minimize the visibility of other functional components, such as lighting switches, shade controls, and even the control for an interior roll-up door. The integration solution aimed to provide a seamless and intuitive interface to manage these elements while preserving the desired aesthetic.

Design Objectives and Integration into the Residence:

The primary design objective was to create a clean and minimalist environment that showcased the client's artwork. To achieve this, the installation seamlessly integrated the Lutron Palladiom system, which unified the control of lighting, shading, and the garage door into the living area. By consolidating control functions into a single interface, visual clutter was minimized, allowing the artwork to take center stage.

Technologies and Components:

The core focus of the project centered around the implementation of the Lutron Homeworks QS system, specifically utilizing the Palladiom series. The lighting and shading system comprised 30 Lutron Palladiom Roller Shades, which included a combination of roller fabrics and Roman shades. Additionally, 25 Lutron Palladiom Keypads were strategically placed throughout the residence to control lighting, shading, and the interior garage door.

To facilitate the seamless integration and control of these components, 18 DIN Rail Modules were deployed across two Homeworks Panels. These modules provided the necessary connectivity and control capabilities for the system. Furthermore, 12 occupancy sensors were incorporated to enhance energy efficiency and automate lighting control based on occupancy.

A/V Rack and Entertainment Setup:

In addition to the lighting and shading system, the project included an A/V rack that encompassed network infrastructure, power management, and entertainment control. This rack served as a centralized hub for audio and video distribution throughout the residence. To ensure high-quality sound reproduction, Revel architectural speakers were employed in the interior spaces. Furthermore, the installation seamlessly integrated the client's existing speakers, allowing for a cohesive and immersive audio experience.

Through the implementation of the Lutron Palladiom system, this home integration project successfully achieved the client's vision of a clean and modern living space reminiscent of an art gallery. The centralized control provided by the Palladiom Keypads minimized visual elements, such as traditional light switches, and facilitated the intuitive management of lighting, shading, and the interior garage door. Additionally, the incorporation of an A/V rack and the integration of Revel architectural speakers enhanced the entertainment experience, further complementing the overall design objectives of the project.

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