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BRAVAS Case Study:


Frisco Residence

When building this high-tech Frisco home, the design team wanted technology incorporated throughout the home, but without it attracting attention. Through careful planning, thoughtful execution and great teamwork we were able to deliver a home that feature every technological amenity without showing them off…at least until they are turned on.

Starting with the televisions, Samsung Frame TVs are used throughout the house, and most are combined with custom frames from Deco Frames.  The Frame TVs allow the clients to display artwork when the TVs are off, allowing the homeowners to accent the room with the artwork. On top of the artwork the homeowners can also display video from multiple sources, including a Kaleidescape system that is shared across the house via a MoIP video distribution system. This allows the homeowners to enjoy incredibly high-quality content anywhere in the home, not just in their dedicated theater.  

To make sure they aren’t craning their necks while viewing the TV over their massive fireplace, the living room Frame TV is mounted on a Future Automation TV lift, that motorizes the TV down to a more comfortable viewing height. This, and the rest of the home is controlled by a Savant home control system. 

In most rooms in the home, sound is handled by invisible speakers, which can be placed where they sound best, since they cannot be seen. In the primary bedroom, a custom James Soundbar was used to match the TV, while still providing fantastic sound. On the patio, custom painted James Wedge speakers tuck into the corners, giving the homeowners fantastic sound in a package that most people would not even see unless it was pointed out to them.  

Last but not least, lighting control is handled by a Lutron Homeworks system using Lutron Palladiom keypads. These keypads look great, but still allow powerful control of the home with the touch of a button. 

In this beautiful home, the technology hides in plain sight.  

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