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Which Type of Home Audio System is Right for You?

Which Type of Home Audio System is Right for You?

From Multi-Room Music to Theater Surround Sound, Find the Best Audio for Your Home

It’s a common misconception that all audio equipment is interchangeable. Just get some generic speakers, plug them up, and you’re good to go—right? Actually, the type of music you enjoy and how you intend to listen to it have a big impact on the equipment and setup for your sound system. Below, we cover some of the most popular types of home audio systems so that you can decide for yourself which one is the right fit for your Highland Park, TX area property.

1. A Dedicated Listening Room System

If you consider yourself an audiophile who wants nothing more than to relax in a room and let the sounds of your favorite vinyl wash over you, then a dedicated listening room is the perfect addition to your home. In order to create the ideal sound environment, stereo equipment and acoustic treatments should be strategically placed around the room. Also, you’ll want a two-channel audio system from a distinguished brand like Revel by Harman.

Then, the equipment and acoustics for your listening room should be tailored to your preferences. A listening room optimized for smooth jazz will have a different setup than one for enjoying heavy metal. After installing the equipment, your home audio system expert will optimize the room for the right balance, tone, and equalization.

2. Multi-Room Music

A dedicated listening room is great for the highest quality sound possible, but it also restrains you to one room. If you prefer to enjoy music as you move throughout the house, then you’ll want a multi-room music system. Obviously, the kind of imposing equipment that you’d find in a dedicated listening room will distract and clutter up areas like kitchens and hallways, so what do you do?

The solution is multifaceted. First, an audio distribution system allows you to manage all of the speakers throughout your home without having to invest in duplicate equipment. The audio equipment goes out of sight in a cabinet or utility closet, but connects to the speakers in every room. This allows you to have the same song playing in all areas without having to walk into each room to turn on the system, select the song, adjust the volume, etc.

Second, an audio company like Sonance can provide hidden speakers that integrate seamlessly into your walls and ceiling. You can get high-quality music in the living room, bedroom, hallways, and more without having to make space for a bunch of speakers.

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3. Theater Surround Sound

If you’re wanting an upgrade for your dedicated home theater or media room, surround sound is a must-have. Surround sound allows you to get that same immersive audio experience you find at a commercial theater. The different sounds from the movie come at you from all angles, so it recreates the feeling of being within the show itself.

You can accomplish a surround sound environment with in-wall or freestanding speakers, so it’s easy to incorporate the audio equipment into the style of your home. The important thing is finding the right layout for the room so that all movie-watchers can have a top-notch listening experience. Brands like James Loudspeaker, Sonance, and Revel by Harman are all great options for home theater audio.

Whatever type of listening experience you’re going for, Smart Systems can help you achieve it. To get started on a personalized audio system, give us a call at (972) 488-5100, click on the live chat button at the bottom of the page, or fill out this quick questionnaire and one of our audio experts will reach out to you.

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