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Which Style of Lutron Shades Is Right for Me?

Which Style of Lutron Shades Is Right for Me?

Explore Different Shading Options for Any Room

Are you looking to install motorizes shades into your home and not sure where to start? The right window shading solution can benefit your Dallas, TX home when selected carefully.

Let’s break down the different types of Lutron shades and what distinguishes them from one another.

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Roller Shades 

One of the most popular options of motorized window treatments, roller shades coil fabric around a rod, rolling up to be completely out of sight or down to cover the window upon your command.

Roller shades come in various fabric options like sheer, dim-out and blackout. This means that you can select the exact fabric you want according to how dark you want your space to be.

Sheer shades will let some light in and allow you to look outside while limiting the UV rays that can damage your furniture or artwork.

Dim-out shades provide more privacy than sheer shades. On the other end of the spectrum are blackout shades which provide full opacity, eliminating any outside light in the room. 

With the various fabric options, you can customize the look and feel of your space, provide privacy, and control how much light enters the area with your Lutron shades.

Moreover, battery-powered options are available for an even more customized treatment.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades add a modern style to your smart home due to the angular design. These shades are available in a variety of fabrics, including sheer and translucent.

These shades can be lowered and raised to adjust the amount of light let into your room. Instead of rolling up around a rod, the pleats collapse into each other as they rise up.

Crisp Z-shaped pleats provide added dimension to the aesthetic. With various fabric and texture options, pleated shades allow plenty of opportunity for customization.

Honeycomb Shades 

These Lutron shades are both fashionable and provide a variety of functions. They have a cellular design with air pockets that trap heat to provide excellent insulation in both summer and winter.

Single-cell and double-cell light-filtering options are available. Double cell shades are generally more energy-efficient and keep your space at an even temperature so that it’s not too heavily affected by the heat from outside light.

Moreover, various fabrics and opacities are available so that you can select sheer, translucent or room-darkening options.

Roman Shades

With Lutron, you can get the convenience of smart window treatments with the classic look of Roman shades. Lutron’s Roman shades are virtually silent, meaning that you’ll barely hear them lowering and raising when you adjust them.

This may be a good option for a very sound-sensitive area such as media rooms or even bedrooms if you’re sensitive to noise at night or when waking up.

The great thing about Lutron shades is that you can select different shades for different rooms according to the effect you want. For example, utilize sheer shades in the kitchen, and install blackout shades in your media room. In fact, you may want a different type of shade depending on which direction the window faces.

Regardless of which shades you select for certain areas, there are enough options available for us to find the right solution for your needs and preferences in each room.

Ready to incorporate Lutron shades into your home? Reach out to us to find the best style and fabric for your rooms!

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