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When Is the Best Time to Do a Lutron Installation?

When Is the Best Time to Do a Lutron Installation?

Integrate a New Smart System When It’s Right for You

Have you been thinking about incorporating smart technology into your home? The lights are a great place to start!

And if you’re going to upgrade your lights, then the best approach is a Lutron installation.

Whether you are getting ready to build a new house or you are looking to make some upgrades to your Dallas, TX home, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we will discuss the best time for a Lutron installation and how we can work with you if your home is already built.


 Initial Construction

The best time to add smart lighting to your home is during the initial construction phase. The earlier you bring in a Lutron installer, the easier it will be to make sure the lighting technology is a seamless part of your home.

With any installation comes the wiring aspect. When you decide to start a Lutron installation during the construction phase of your home, the pre-wiring can be done with ease.

This means that your installer can wire the entire home before the walls are closed up, ensuring that each room has the needed power and meets the requirements for the equipment and technology to work correctly.

By pre-wiring during the construction phase, you eliminate the need to cut into already-sealed walls later on. This saves you time and money.

More specifically, some systems cannot be retrofitted into a house that’s already built. If you want window shades that are completely hidden, they will need to be designed into the architectural plans before the build.

You simply get more customization and options with an installation that is done during the construction phase.

In short, adding the lighting system during construction is efficient for both cost and time.

If your home is already built, though, don’t fret.


Fortunately, our professional team has the experience and knowledge to retrofit technology products into existing homes.

With a home that’s already built, the question of whether to go wired or wireless will arise. The answer to this is not exactly black and white, but we can offer some guidance.

Wired networks are simply more reliable than wireless. If you can go with a wired system, that’s usually the suggested method.

However, when walls are already closed at the time of installation, a wireless system may be the preferred route. It frees you from having to run wires or possibly cut into walls to secure hard-wiring.

The process may be a bit different, but a Lutron installation is possible at any stage of construction.

Regardless of whether your home is in construction or already built, the best time to do a Lutron installation is right now.

Ready to talk more about installing a Lutron system in your home? 

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