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The Value of Layered Lighting in Interior Design

The Value of Layered Lighting in Interior Design

Lutron Lighting is the Key to Making Rooms Look Their Best

Recently, the BRAVAS team had the opportunity to sit down with some acclaimed interior designers and talk about the role of Lutron lighting technology in home décor. The conversation was quite enlightening (pun intended), and we’d like to share with you one of their secrets for creating that gorgeous “staged” look. For luxury homeowners throughout the Dallas, Texas area, here’s a quick guide to the role of layered light within lighting design.

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What is Layered Lighting?

Layered lighting is the process of using different lighting types to achieve a multi-dimensional, appealing and more functional space. Instead of relying on just one lighting source for the entire area, you can deliver depth and interest by adding focused light in specific spots.

The Three Lighting Layers

When we talk about lighting layers, it’s important to know the different types that combine to achieve that intricate lighting design.


Ambient light is the general lighting within the space, providing overall illumination. A room can’t be well lit via spotlights alone. Instead, you want to start with a strong lighting foundation. Usually ambient lighting is achieved by recessed lights spread throughout the ceiling, chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures, or track lights. A primary source of ambient light in each room is fundamental to good lighting design.


The visual interest within the space comes in the form of accent lighting. Spotlights above prized artwork, gorgeous wall sconces, and lighting along architectural features – lighting fixtures such as these are your opportunity to highlight the décor within your home. The goal is to draw the eye to the design elements that are most important in each space. Accent lighting can be artwork in and of itself.


It’s important to remember that, despite the large role that lighting plays in interior design, it’s also a functional tool within your home. You need ample light to read a book in the living room, write an email in the office, or chop vegetables in the kitchen. That’s where task lighting comes into play. Each room should include strategically placed lamps, under-cabinet lighting, or wall fixtures that can be adjusted with ease to provide the perfect lighting for various activities.

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How to Do More with Layered Lighting

Speaking of adjusting lights with ease, this is where smart technology can take layered lighting to the next level. The challenge with lighting created with interior design in mind is that a room with every light set to the appropriate position and brightness for one activity won’t be the ideal lighting for every occasion. It’s fine for staging, but not for everyday use.

The result is that many of the neat lighting fixtures within a space go unused. It’s simply not worth the effort for homeowners to turn on every lamp and wall sconce and adjust brightness every time they walk into the room. The room never reaches its full interior design potential.

The Better Approach: Lutron Lighting Control

Using a lighting control system such as Lutron RadioRa 2, interior designers can set up the perfect lighting scenarios for every likely activity in each space. For example, a living room might have different lighting scenes for watching television, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing on the couch.

Instead of walking into the room and flipping a light switch, homeowners can select the appropriate lighting scene by pressing a button on a touch panel built into the wall or even having the lighting adjust automatically via smart motion sensors. Once the lighting scene is selected, every fixture within the space adjusts to the best brightness for the chosen activity.

Lighting design within multipurpose environments is just one of many lighting challenges solved by a Lutron installation. We’ve put together a guide on lighting design, complete with insights from highly successful interior designers, as a downloadable resource for our readers. You can download the free guide by clicking the button below.

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