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Stay Cool in Texas with Motorized Blinds and Shades

Stay Cool in Texas with Motorized Blinds and Shades

How to Use Climate Control Technology

Summertime can get pretty hot in Highland Park, Texas with degrees getting up into the high 90s. So how do you stay cool without leaving the air conditioning on all the time? The U.S. Department of Energy says that cooling and heating use almost half of the energy in a typical American household. But we are happy to tell you that there are ways to avoid hiking up your utility bills and using too much energy. Motorized blinds and shades together with lighting control will help you battle against a sweltering summer. Here are some ways that Lutron motorized shades and automated lighting can keep you comfortable this season and even save some money and energy in the process.

Use Wireless Controls to Adjust Lights and Shades

One of the advantages of having a smart home is customizing it for your everyday needs and personal preferences. When summer arrives, you can use your system to maintain a certain temperature and save energy at the same time.

We offer a climate control system and an app that you can use on your smartphone or tablet to adjust your home’s features at any time. For example, set your motorized blinds and shades to lower every day at noon when the sun is strong, and then raise at sunset. At the same time, set your lights to turn on once those shades go down to brighten your home in the evening.

You can also set your thermostat to lower when it’s hottest, and then raise it again once the sun goes down. Save all of those settings under a catchy title you’ll remember, like “Summer” or “Chill Out” so you don’t have to create those settings every day or remember them for future use. They’ll always be there whenever you need them. We can even customize wall keypads so you can walk into a room and hit a button for special climate control modes as well. 

Use Various Blinds and Shades for Every Need

The beauty of a control system is that it is compatible with many different manufacturers, including Lutron shades. These two technologies will work together to bring you amazing benefits. With Lutron, you get both amazing performance and beauty. They have fabrics that block UV rays which can harm your furnishings but still give visibility so you can see outside. In addition, Lutron offers blackout shades for those days you want to sleep in, or for privacy. The amount of light you want allowed into your home, and the color and style is up to you. Pick from motorized blinds, roller shades, or double roller applications which combine two types of shades into one window. Roll down a UV shade during the day and a blackout shade in the evening. We assure you that our solutions never sacrifice beauty for functionality. You can pick the color and fabric you want and still reap great benefits.

Once we have installed the motorized blinds and shades, all you have to do is customize the settings. Of course you always have your smart home app on a mobile device to make adjustments—whether you are at your summer cabin on vacation miles away or sitting on the patio at home.

Our team can design a climate control and energy-saving system that keeps you cool all summer long. Just fill out this online form to get started!

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