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Maximize Comfort This Summer with a Motorized Outdoor Shades Installation

Maximize Comfort This Summer with a Motorized Outdoor Shades Installation

Outdoor Shades are the Perfect Solution for Enriching Your Southlake Summer

It’s summertime in Southlake and you have burgers on the grill, beer in the cooler, and friends gathered at your home to enjoy some fun in the sun.

But what happens when that sun is so intense that being outside becomes a chore? Or when the mosquitos start popping up at dusk, looking for their own meal at the backyard barbeque?

An outdoor motorized shades installation is an excellent solution for these seasonal problems, offering a variety of benefits to make your exterior space as comfortable as possible. Read on to learn how outdoor motorized shades can improve your time outside and elevate the coziness of your property.

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Keep It Cool by Blocking Out Sunlight

One of the primary functions of motorized shades is to keep out sunlight. This dramatically lowers the temperature of any given area, which is a necessity when that Texas sun goes into overdrive at the height of the summer season.

Given how much the light changes in an outdoor setting, you want to be able to easily adjust your shades so that they are down when the light is shining directly on them and raised when the sun has moved to a new position. Motorized shades can be controlled via remote, smartphone, or tablet, and they can be set to move at specific times of the day so that you’ll automatically have appropriate coverage.

As a bonus, a motorized shades installation also protects your outdoor furniture from damage, diminishing fading and discoloration over time from UV rays.

Create Private, Intimate Spaces within a Larger Area

Most outdoor spots are designed to be open and free, but sometimes you want to have some a smaller, more private space while enjoying the weather.

Outdoor shades create partitions that can be arranged to inspire contained zones. If the adults want to have their own spot while the kids play in the pool, all it takes is the push of a button to establish that separation.

Specific layouts can even be set up to allow for multiple configurations, allowing users to create dynamic spaces that change depending on the demands of the gathering. Those configurations can be programmed into a smart home control system, making it easy to access them at any point.

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Defend Against Pesky Bugs

Insects are unwelcome guests, and outdoor shades provide a physical barrier to keep them from interrupting your festivities. Shades also set a border that makes Citronella candles and Tiki torches more effective by containing the insect repellant within a specific area. Motorized shades installations also protect your family and friends from diseases spread by mosquitos, making it easier to enjoy the golden hour without the threat of bug bites. 

Want to learn more about the possibilities for an outdoor motorized shades installation at your home? Reach out to us today by chatting live with a member of our team below!

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