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Is Your Home Network Getting the Job Done?

Is Your Home Network Getting the Job Done?

Improve Speed, Security, and Reliability with a Home Network Installation

As more homes take advantage of the convenience of smart home automation technologies, the need for a stronger home network grows. Internet service providers have jumped on board by offering high speeds, but your home network might not be capable of utilizing those speeds effectively. We’ve put together a guide to improving the three areas where your home network might be lagging behind. Read on to learn how a professional network installation can enhance your University Park, Texas home.


Nobody likes to wait for video buffering. If you’re unhappy with the current speed of your home network, it may not be your Internet service provider’s fault. For wireless devices, the distance to the router can affect speed, as can the type of router you use. Ensure that the router you have chosen is designed to accommodate your data traffic needs, and then boost the signal with wireless access points throughout your home.


A home security system may keep your physical residence safe, but you can’t forget to protect your online presence as well. Network security is vitally important for safeguarding the sensitive financial and personal information on your computers. Viruses, spyware, adware, and other online threats are all serious concerns if you don’t have protections in place. For strong network security, set up a firewall to block unwanted traffic and install antivirus software to monitor and stop anything that manages to get through.


If you start a movie on your smart TV, you expect to be able to watch the entire film without the signal dropping or weakening. If certain areas of your home have unreliable Internet, there is likely interference keeping the router’s wireless signal from reaching them. Take a look at the location of your router. If it’s in a back room, next to concrete walls, or surrounded by other conflicting signals, it isn’t going to be able to reach peak performance. For larger homes, using multiple routers or wireless access points can make a huge difference in the reliability of your signal.

If you’re unhappy with the speed, security, or reliability of your home network, give Smart Systems a call. We’ll help create a solid and effective networking solution so that can enjoy all of the technology in your home without fear of spotty connections or dropped signals.

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