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How to Make Your Home Smarter in Dallas, Texas

How to Make Your Home Smarter in Dallas, Texas

Simple Yet Sophisticated Technology for Your Home

There are a lot of thoughts on what a smart home is, and with so many gadgets today you may wonder exactly what constitutes making your home “smart”. Smart Systems is your local smart home automation installer in Dallas, Texas who can show you what it truly means to live an electronic lifestyle. From having your home wake you up every day with hi-fi music and motorized shades, or enjoying a movie in 4K in your private theater, we can satisfy all of your home technology needs and desires. Keep reading to learn more. 


What IS smart home automation?

When customers call Smart Systems for advice on how to add technology to their homes, or in other words make the homes “smart,” they’re often unsure exactly what automation is, let alone know the level of intelligence they need. Drawing from years of experience providing integration services throughout Texas, we have created this guide to help you understand what it’s like to have a smart home and get you started in the process of adding or updating your house to include these beneficial systems. Here is a quick summary of the different features you’ll get to enjoy.

Security Alarms & Surveillance Cameras

Interest in security systems and surveillance cameras are often the starting point when locals are introduced to the smart home world. Have you ever wondered whether or not you remembered to lock the door on your way out? With a smart home, you don’t have to turn the car around––all it takes is a press of a button on your smartphone to lock the door or close the garage. Going on vacation soon? Many smart home systems have an “Away” mode that arms the security alarm, locks all the doors, closes the garage door and makes sure the installed security cameras are up and running for you to check remotely at any time. Today you can’t take any chances on making sure your home and family are safe. Security is not an option; it’s essential. Safeguard your family and valuables by incorporating a security and surveillance system into your custom smart home automation system.

Motorized Shading & Automated Lighting

Lighting and shading together can save you money every month on utility bills and save energy so you can feel good about doing your part to save our world’s resources. Shades also allow you to maintain privacy, it adds convenience, and you can easily reduce glare on TVs and computer screens. Motorized shades can be integrated into a home’s control system and programmed to raise and lower depending on the setting you choose. Dimmers provide ambiance in every room and prevent wasting energy too. Both of these systems will work together to make your home really shine.

Home Theater & Multi-room Music Systems

The entertainment center of a fully automated home combines power and design into one package. Your dedicated home theater or media room shouldn’t have wires tangled up, or even be visible at a passing glance. Smart Systems is an expert in hidden home technology and can customize your home to your exact taste and match decor. Want a room that doubles as a play room? No problem––we can hide a TV behind a piece of art, or use a TV lift so it can drop down from a hidden compartment in the ceiling! Speakers can be installed directly into the wall or hidden behind drywall so you can enjoy quality sound without cluttering the room with multiple speakers. You’ll also have more options for content – whether it’s streaming from the Internet, coming from a personal movie collection, or radio.

Complete Home Control

A full smart home automation system enables you to control all the technology in a room from different devices – whether they are mobile or stationary. It also makes it easy for you to control how a room reacts to your presence––whether automatically turning on the lights and playing music when you walk in, or turning off all the technology when you leave.

If you have any questions about these or other components of smart home automation, feel free to contact us here at Smart Systems!

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