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How Can A Motorized Shades Installation Elevate Your Projects?

How Can A Motorized Shades Installation Elevate Your Projects?

Explore How Motorized Window Treatments Can Help Interior Designers

As you can see pictured above, a motorized shade installation can be stylish and functional. If you’re an interior designer, you’ll find something you love for your client within Lutron’s vast array of shading options. Today, we’ll specifically discuss how Lutron offers a variety of motorized window treatment choices  that can enhance any of your interior design projects in the Dallas, Texas area.

With all the colors, textures and models to choose from, your motorized shades installation could serve as a crucial design element as well as an automation tool. Keep reading to see which ideas inspire you.

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A Quick Look at Style

Roller shades, one of Lutron’s top sellers, work by coiling and uncoiling around a rod. You can choose from sheer, blackout or opaque models depending on the sun level in the room.

Pleated shades add some geometric interest to your spaces. Like an accordion, the pleats collapse into each other when the shade is raised and unfold when you lower them. They also come in various opacities.

Honeycomb shades look similar to pleated shades from the front, but they yield significant benefits when we talk about reducing heat in your home by harvesting light. Their cellular structure captures heat so that excessive heat energy doesn’t overwork your clients’ HVAC system and cause discomfort. Double and triple honeycomb designs provide extra heat-blocking capabilities, ideal for rooms with plenty of sun exposure. If your clients are environmentally conscious, honeycomb shades are a great option.

Roman shades offer that traditional look with the seam along the bottom of the drape. Lutron engineered these window treatments for nearly complete silence, so many homeowners choose them for their media rooms and theaters.

And that’s just the start – Lutron also offers motorized wood blinds and even motorized drapery systems that you can take advantage of in your clients’ spaces.

Colors, Textures and Fabrics

Lutron offers not only hundreds of color choice but also a variety of textures. If you are looking for wood blinds for example, for example, Lutron offers a plethora of finishes to choose from. Through opting for motorized window treatments, you don’t have to narrow your options. Lutron has nearly every look you can dream up, only smarter. 

Setting the Scene

We’ve previously discussed Lutron’s lighting scenes, but have you ever thought about how a motorized shades installation could help set the mood, too? For example, Lutron’s flagship product, HomeWorks QS, integrates all your clients’ lighting and window treatments onto one platform so you can control it from the same interface.

Imagine creating a “Wake Up” scene for your clients that with just the press of a button, your clients’ bedroom lights will slowly turn on and your clients’ motorized shades will rise to allow in natural light and optimize circadian rhythm. Or, you can program combined lighting and shading scenes in common areas, such as a kitchen, so you can give your clients easy access to your preferred looks for their spaces.

Call Smart Systems!

We know we just gave you a lot of information about motorized shades, but that’s because you have virtually unlimited choices that Smart Systems would love to help you sort through.

Want to learn more about how our motorized shades installation services can elevate your interior design projects here in the Dallas area?

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