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Exploring the Benefits of Low-Voltage Lighting

Exploring the Benefits of Low-Voltage Lighting

Why You Should Install These Energy-Efficient and Attractive Lighting Tracks

We define low-voltage lights as those that run on 30 volts of electricity or less. By contrast, standard line voltage uses about 120 volts. As you can see, this disparity in voltage use alone could make a massive impact on your overall expenditure, so we think more people should take advantage of this energy-efficient, cost-saving installation.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why Home Theater Technologies installs so many of these low-voltage lighting setups in Hurst, TX, homes like yours. We have found significant energy savings among homes using these lights. Not to mention, people also love the way they look!

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How Low-Voltage Lighting Works

Most installations consist of a transformer, an electrical cable and the lighting fixtures. The transformer makes the most difference in saving energy. We wire the cable and install the transformer, but the fixture choice is up to you!

If you prefer, we can even use LED bulbs and fixtures if you prefer an automated lighting system. No matter which fixtures or lighting control setups you choose, the low-voltage installation ensures minimal energy waste, all day long.

Superior Energy Conservation

In addition to the apparent savings in voltage generation alone, low-voltage infrastructure allows for almost 100 lights on one single circuit, so you’ll get the most usage per installation. Plus, you usually don’t have to replace the bulbs. Why? Inside each store-bought bulb is a component that turns power from AC to DC. We can install lighting systems that convert power once, at a central location, leaving behind a simple, elegant fixture that produces high quality, uniquely controllable light.

In addition, low-voltage transformers can even be set up to automatically turn on and off based on the level of sunlight your home receives. If you pair these benefits with a lighting control system that also manages your tunable lighting.

Give Your Home a Facelift!

As another benefit, many people enjoy the aesthetic appeal of low-voltage lighting, especially for its candlelight-low dimming capability. Many people get started with low-voltage by trying it outdoors first. Wherever you want to add fixtures, Home Theater Technologies will install a lighting system and help you pick out lights that match your home design.


Ready to install a low-voltage lighting system in your Texas home? Let us elevate your spaces while conserving precious resources — just from one installation! Call us at (817) 381-7262 or chat with us using the box to the bottom right. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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