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Build Smarter, More Convenient Homes with Motorized Shades

Build Smarter, More Convenient Homes with Motorized Shades

Motorized window treatments offer easy integration, efficiency benefits, and more

When it comes to the way homes are designed and built, smart home automation is the way of the future. It’s something buyers actively want, and such systems can make life at home much more comfortable and relaxing.

Take motorized window treatments, for instance. This smart technology makes an immediate, obvious impact on residents’ lives. Motorized shades are also easy to operate and to combine with other home automation systems like lighting control. Want to know more about why you should be adding motorized window treatments to the homes you’re building and designing in the Dallas region? Texas professionals in the building trades should keep reading.

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One noticeable way motorized window treatments can help homeowners is additional the convenience they offer. Giving residents control over every shade in their home from a phone or another device – is considerably simpler than making manual adjustments. Motorized window treatments also can take advantage of automated schedules to adjust themselves during the day. With the right programming, your customers may never have to adjust a shade manually ever again.

Motorized window treatments are also well-suited for hard-to-reach spots in a home. Being able to make adjustments remotely is much safer than needing to risk going up on a ladder. The convenience of motorized shades also makes them ideal for people with physical disabilities or similar conditions.

Lastly, motorized shades are a natural addition to any existing automation technology in a home. Link the shades to the home control and lighting control systems to create new possibilities for improving the lives of the families who buy your homes.


A home’s shades play a vital role in keeping everyone inside safe. Families can use shades to hide their belongings and keep possible thieves at bay. Shades that are kept down for too long, though, draw attention. It’s a sign that nobody’s home.

Motorized window treatments are an excellent technology to enhance a home’s security. For everyday situations, families can set the shades to lower when everyone leaves for the day and then raise when evening arrives. If the residents go on vacation, they can set the shades to move in different rooms, making it look like someone is still home. And if anyone ever forgets to set the shades, they can do so remotely from their smartphone.


Upgrading to motorized window treatments is crucial for anyone looking to lower their carbon footprint or reduce their home energy usage. Homeowners can take the most advantage of any natural light by using temperature and light sensors to make automatic adjustments to keep the room temperature stable. Another benefit of motorized window treatments is the way they safeguard your décor against UV rays. Limiting the UV exposure in a home helps better regulate the temperature and protects furnishings from sun damage.

Motorized window treatments have much to offer builders and designers in Dallas. To learn more, call us at (972) 488-5100 or fill out our online contact form. You can also leave a message for a customer service associate in the chatbox in your browser.

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