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4 Unexpected Smart Home Security System Features You Can’t Miss

4 Unexpected Smart Home Security System Features You Can’t Miss

Take Your Texas Home’s Security System to the Next Level

If you have a home automation system and some basic security features, you’re off to a great start. But did you know that just a few elements that you could quickly synch to your Fort Worth-area smart home security system could make a huge impact?

We’ve identified four such technologies that can change your lifestyle and reinforce your home security with one installation from Smart Systems. Keep reading to learn about some lesser-known smart home security features and how they can help you.

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Smart Locks and Access Control

Smart locks secure one of your home’s most vulnerable places – your doors. All too often, you’re running out the door for work, and forget to lock your front, side or back entryways. Smart locks compensate for human error by letting you lock any door from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Just pull up your home control application on your smartphone to secure as many entries as necessary.

We also enjoy smart locks for their unlocking capabilities. Whether you want the nanny to have easier access or you want the mail delivery person to drop your package inside your door to prevent porch piracy, access control can add effortless convenience to your lifestyle.

Video Doorbells and Home Entry

Wouldn’t you love to see who rang your doorbell, so you can know whether or not you feel safe letting them inside? With a video doorbell system, you can see who approaches your doorstep. Video doorbell and home entry systems pair seamlessly with the access control features we mentioned since you can use the doorbell footage to decide whether or not to unlock the door.

Did you know that you could also talk to people who ring your doorbell? Video doorbell systems add a personal touch with two-way audio – so you can welcome your family member or tell the pizza delivery person to come inside.

Best of all, you can access your home intercom remotely, so you can answer the door whether you’re in the living room or at the office. An intuitive mobile app not only alerts you when your video doorbell is triggered, but it also can alert you when someone intentionally covers the doorbell, as well (a feature exclusive to ELAN systems).

Leak Sensors

Sometimes when we discuss home security, we focus on criminal activity like porch piracy. However, homeowners also have to guard against biological hazards, such as chemical leaks or in-house flooding.

By adding smart leak sensors, when your system detects a risk, such as a carbon monoxide gas emission or water entering your living spaces, you will immediately receive an alert either through email or text message. This will allow you to take quick and necessary action, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in home repairs or even you and your family’s lives.

Smart Alarms

Arming smart alarms keeps your home on high alert. For example, if someone breaks into a window, your smart alarm will instantly notify you – while calling law enforcement immediately.

We understand that any safety crisis can send you into panic mode: You’re only human. When you’re unable to react and time is of the essence, technology comes to your aid. You can always trust it to act instead of react, despite the circumstances.

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As you can see, you don’t have to miss a single home security detail, especially if you’ve made the most strategic home technology investments. We can’t wait to show you the most robust security suite imaginable, armed with smart locks, video surveillance and integrated leak sensors and alarm systems.

Ready to reinforce home security for your Fort Worth-area family? Reach out to the Smart Systems team to schedule a no-obligation consultation by giving us a call at 972-488-5100, or by filling out our online contact form. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!

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