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4 Motorized Shades Features that make Daily Life Easier

4 Motorized Shades Features that make Daily Life Easier

Let Your Automated Window Treatments Give You the Perfect Amount of Lighting

Smart technology can give you a hands-off control to every shade or drapery in your home.  You can manage them from a remote, an app, or any smart device you’ve set up.  But there are so many more features to a smart shading system!  Motorized blinds and shades can anticipate every need that comes up in your Fort Worth, TX home.  Read on to learn how they can make your home life all the simpler without you ever having to lift a finger.

Scheduled Timers

If you’re constantly on the go, getting the kids to school or rushing to work, then a timer is essential for managing your motorized shades.  You can set them up as a natural alarm clock for you, letting them roll up and allow the sunlight in to wake you up.  Once the sun goes down, they can automatically lower, covering your home up for the night.

While you’re away on vacation, these scheduled timers are also very handy.  They can lower or raise the shades during certain intervals during the day, imitating daily activities, so burglars don’t see an unoccupied home.


Smart Thermostat

Shades can help out your home’s temperature immensely.  With honeycomb shades, you can keep your house insulated – cool for the summer or heated for the winter.  You won’t have to worry about operating them yourself depending on the weather.  Instead, if you link your shades to your smart thermostat, then they will automatically adjust based on the outside degrees and your indoor temperature, in order to maintain your desired climate.

Motion Sensors

You can feel free to move around your home without worrying if someone is peeking in the windows.  If you want privacy when you’re getting ready to shower or to go to bed, your motion sensors can tell when you enter a certain room.  They can lower then, or during certain hours of the day.  Have them sense when you enter the kitchen in the morning, so you’re greeted with the sun’s natural, bright light.  Then, once you’ve left every other room and head to bed, they will lower to maintain privacy and energy efficiency.

Photo Sensors

Direct sunlight can be damaging to your interior furniture and décor.  To keep the harmful rays from shining through your windows, your shades’ photo sensors can use a UV ray threshold to lower the shades when the sun’s rays reach a damaging level. On the flipside, if you’re trying to save energy, your smart system can tell when the sun is illuminating a room to the perfect brightness, adjust the shades to fit that lighting level, and dim the artificial lights automatically. 

Motorized shades offer so much more than remote accessibility.  Learn more about their smart technology features by contacting us at (972) 488-5100 or online through our contact page.

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