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Your Best Choice for Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio

Your Best Choice for Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio

Coastal Source products, made in the USA, work in the worst weather and feature stylish designs

It may be the holidays in Dallas right now, but spring will be here before you know it. That makes now the time to get started on an outdoor audio and landscape lighting installation for your home.

Imagine spending your nights and weekends relaxing in the fresh spring air, listening to your favorite music as you look out over your beautifully lit yard. With Coastal Source landscape lighting and outdoor audio video, you can bring a new level of luxury to your yard and other outdoor space. Read more to find out why Coastal Source is the premier choice for these automation systems.

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All Coastal Source products are designed and manufactured in-house, giving them a superior level of craftsmanship. Coastal Source landscape makes their lighting fixtures from solid brass, and the hardware is fully sealed against the elements. This level of engineering precision gives Coastal Source fixtures an unprecedented level of durability.

Coastal Source also put that same amount of thought and exactness into the wiring that powers and connect the fixtures. Connection failures are one of the most common causes of system failures in landscape lighting, but Coastal Source has resolved that problem with their patented Coastal Connector system.

The connector uses a simple but effective design. All you need to do is plug the cable connectors together and twist. Now you have a watertight seal and a reliable connection. That means no more on-site wire splicing, and the plug-and-play design means installing new fixtures or replacing old ones is a simple matter.

Coastal Source fixtures can easily be linked to an existing  Lutron lighting control or integrated with other automation systems. This way, you have total control over all the lights in your home – both inside and out.

Coastal Source fixtures use LEDs, which are much more efficient than other light bulbs. Research shows LEDs are about 83 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They’re also 75 percent more efficient than CFLs and 28 percent more efficient than halogen bulbs. Since LEDs also last much longer than other lights, you’ll see a major drop in your energy costs over the lifetime of your fixtures.


Coastal Source’s slogan is “Defy the Elements,” and that sentiment reflects their dedication to quality outdoor A/V gear. Their products are expertly designed, will last a lifetime and add beauty to your yard. As is the case with their landscape lighting products, all Coastal Source speakers are designed and built in-house. The level of quality is consistent across their product lines. Also like their landscape lighting fixtures, Coastal Source speakers use the Coastal Connector system.

Of course, you don’t want your speakers detracting from your home’s outdoor aesthetic: Coastal Source speakers can blend invisibly in with your yard. Speakers can be installed either in-ground or above ground, and some models resemble landscape features. If you’re still worried about how the speakers will impact the look of your yard, they can be hidden in the foliage around your home.

Don’t wait to get started on your outdoor audio video installation and landscape lighting system. Call Smart Systems today at (972) 488-5100. You can also visit our contact page or leave a message in the chatbox in your browser.

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