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Working Tight Deadlines? Here’s How to Streamline Meeting Time

Working Tight Deadlines? Here’s How to Streamline Meeting Time

Conference Room Automation Makes Collaboration Faster and Easier

No one likes meetings. From training new staff members to collaborating on projects, meetings tend to take away from valuable production time. So why not make them more convenient? A conference room automation system can simplify the way you engage with the technology in your business. That means it’s easier to communicate with your staff, use video for presentations and connect devices to the system for easy access. Want to find out how easy it is? Keep reading.

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Conference Room AV Systems

Have you ever used video in your presentations? If you have to deal with setting up a monitor and connecting your hard drive, you probably don’t use it as much as you should. Video is a dynamic, memorable way to share a lot of information quickly and effectively. But you don’t want to waste time setting up for each meeting.

Smart automation can help. When you install a 4K monitor, you may worry about adding another complex piece of technology. But when you integrate it with a smart automation system, controlling it is easier than ever. Control4 offers user-friendly, touch panel controls with customized labelling options. That means you don’t have to waste time with complicated arrangements.

Plus, you can also control integrated audio and more with the same device. On the same touch panel screen, you can adjust the volume and even select a video input.

Smart Automation Beyond AV

Of course, smart automation doesn’t stop at your audio video system; you can automate just about all of the technology in your boardroom for faster, easier control. Here are a few ideas.

Telecommunications: Integrate your video monitors and sound system with telecommunications technology to quickly access Skype or Slack for remote meetings. Share files and speak directly with team members around the globe.

Lighting: No presentation works if you have to combat glare. But that’s easy to minimize when you have one touch controls over your lighting system. Simply dim or turn off your lights directly from your touch panel device to reduce distractions.

Shading: Similarly to lighting, motorized shades help keep glare to a minimum. But they have an added benefit, too. They help you regulate temperatures without adjusting your thermostat.

Motorized Lifts: Don’t need your AV at the moment? Motorized lifts can hide it when not in use. Whether you want to store your video display in the ceiling or network connections in the boardroom table, lifts can help you maintain a clean working environment.

Are you ready to simplify your meetings for a more productive work day? It’s easier than you think! Just click here for a free, no obligation consultation and start enhancing your boardroom today!

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