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Wired vs. Wireless: Which is Right for Your Home Network?

Wired vs. Wireless: Which is Right for Your Home Network?

Find out the Advantages of Each Option for Your Network Installation

When doing a home network installation, the big question is usually “wired or wireless?” Every Texas home is going to be different, so the answer to that question isn’t always black and white. That said, it helps to understand the main advantages of each networking option so that you can choose the best mix of wired and wireless devices for your Fort Worth area home.


Wireless is the big thing these days, and it’s clear to see why. Wireless networking makes everyday life much easier by giving you remote access to files, the internet, other devices, and more. Here are some of the things we love most about wireless networking:

  • Easy Connectivity for Portable Devices: Want to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the internet? With a wireless connection, you’re not stuck sitting in the living room or office with a cord connected to your device.
  • Share Resources without Physical Access: Along the same vein, if you want to be able to access a file from multiple devices without having to connect directly to them, all you have to do is join the network wirelessly.
  • Simpler Décor and Interior Design: By connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi, you can avoid the clutter of Ethernet cords throughout your home and keep your interior design clean and simple.
  • Connect More Devices: You’re not limited to the number of Ethernet ports on your router, so more devices can gain access to the internet.


As popular as wireless is, wired connections are still used in practically every household. Here’s why:

  • Strong, Reliable Connection: Despite the advances made by wireless technology, nothing beats the strength of a wired signal. For devices and services you use every day, such as streaming 4K movies on your smart TV, a wired connection ensures you have reliable internet all the time.
  • Faster File Transfer Speeds: Trying to upload a large file over Wi-Fi can take forever. Upload that same file over a wired connection, and you’ll be done in no time.
  • Router Location isn’t an Issue: Is your router on the other side of the house? No problem! You can still get the same quality internet when you plug in. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about the wireless signal getting blocked by large furniture, ceilings, or walls.
  • More Secure: Many people don’t bother to change the default settings on their routers, making their home networks easy pickings for hackers. If the only way to connect to your network is by physically being in your home, unauthorized individuals are going to have a much harder time gaining access to your private information.

Smart Systems’ Approach: the Best of Both Worlds

We can provide professional network installation services for your home, creating the perfect solution for your needs and space. It’s very seldom that a home needs completely wired or completely wireless solutions, so we combine these two networking methods into a complete system that makes sense for you. You gain the benefit of wireless access for your smartphones and tablets while also having strong wired signals for your stationary devices.

From the initial wiring to the final polish, we focus on the details, making sure the result is clean, clutter-free, and completely secure. Would you like to learn more? Give us a call at (972) 488-5100 or fill out this quick form today.

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