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Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Wireless and Wired Network Today

Houston-Area Integrator Explains Why a Structured Network is Incredibly Important

Your wired and wireless network serves as the central hub for all of your entertainment and productivity needs. A strong internet connection functions as the brains of a connected home or office. SES Design Group understands that today’s businesses and homes, employees, residents and guests are streaming more content than ever before. That is why we offer advanced networking options to folks working and living throughout the Houston area.

Upgrading your home or office network can provide increased speeds and greater overall coverage, resulting in enhance performance. Upgrades allow demanding applications and services like streaming movies, video chatting and digital downloads.

Faster Speeds

The abundance of traffic in the modern home and office can exponentially slow down networks if the proper infrastructure is not in place. At times, out of date equipment can hinder the capability of your wired or wireless internet connection. The true potential of your network is reached not just by plugging in a single piece of equipment.

More Devices

A stable wireless network allows everyone in the family to connect multiple devices. Traffic prioritization also helps to avoid bottlenecking.

Are most of your employees on laptops or tablets? Integrating your wired network with a strong wireless network Consolidating previously separate networks not only makes management of IT protocols easier, but also brings your business into the future.

Better Coverage

There is nothing worse than an internet “dead zone.” An upgraded network provides signal strong enough to cover every square foot of a home or office building. Expanding coverage in an office keeps employees close by instead of flocking to the closest access point for a stronger signal. Wireless coverage outdoors can create a backyard perfect streaming the latest video content or an office patio designed for working during clear days.

Whether you own a home or a business in the Houston area, SES Design Group has the solutions to keep your family and team constantly connected. Contact us today for a free consultation and upgrade your property today.

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