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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Home Network This Year

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Home Network This Year

Achieve an Enterprise-Class Network at Home

We spend an abundance of time on the internet at home, whether we realize it or not. We stream movies and playlists, use smart home devices, and video-chat with relatives and friends from far away. Many of us work from home, too, which requires accessing servers and large files. So why shouldn’t your home’s network be the best it can possibly be?

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the internet you currently have, it isn’t your only option. A home networking upgrade can grant you the following advantages. Read on to discover how it will improve your daily tasks and entertainment.

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Protect from Cyber Attacks

If you’re operating several connected devices at home, it’s wise to be concerned about your personal information. Cybercrime is becoming the most common criminal practice around the world, and it’s better to be safe than sorry if you’re using personal information on the web. An upgraded home network from a technology professional like BRAVAS can protect your network from cyber-attacks. With firewalls, encryptions, and dedicated networks for vulnerable systems (like security cameras), you’ll stay guarded against malware, phishing, and more.

Spread Your Network’s Reach

Are there entire rooms, wings, and even floors of your house that do not receive a network connection? Maybe it’s the basement, outside on the patio, or in your bedroom—regardless, the little Wi-Fi icon reveals minimal bars while your technology disconnects. You may complain to your Internet Service Provider, but an ISP is concerned with getting service to you, and not necessarily implementing far-reaching coverage. Technology integrators like BRAVAS can install wireless access points that receive a signal from the router and boost it to other areas of your house. The placement of your router and range-extenders can be tricky to master, so consult an expert for a swift and effective installation.

Stream 4K Video & High-Resolution Audio

The quality of audio and video available online today is rapidly improving. Lossless audio that has been mastered for CD-quality sound can be streamed on Tidal and Amazon Music. Netflix now provides 4K Ultra HD movies, which look clearer and more vibrant than ever. But the higher the quality files are, the more of a burden it will be on your network. However, you don’t need to sign up for a more expensive plan to access high-quality content. Instead, install equipment or routers explicitly designed to access HD technology, so your films and music will launch every time.

Want to ensure your home network is protected and prepared for all technology? Contact BRAVAS Group here, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss your home’s needs.

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