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Why We Love Crestron for Customized Home Technology Integration

Why We Love Crestron for Customized Home Technology Integration

Make the Most of Your Smart Home Control System

Here at Digital Interiors, we can speak volumes about the wonders of Crestron as a home automation system.

With more than three decades on the automation market, Crestron has changed the home technology integration industry every year since 1969. Keep reading to see why we recommend Crestron for your smart home needs – whether your home is in Buckhead, Atlanta or anywhere in North Georgia.

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Hardware for Home Automation

Do you want to add distributed video to your home? Motorized shades? Lighting? Audio? Security? Crestron has been inventing new products since its inception, all with the purpose of improving their hardware and integrating it with any system or combination. In short, Crestron has figured out how to fulfill all home automation needs while surpassing expectations with state-of-the-art products.

Crestron has engineered their hardware to be “backwards compatible,” which means that even their newer technology will fit with older models of gear. If you integrated Crestron a long time ago, for example, you won’t have to re-purchase everything to have a brilliant smart home.

Backwards compatible functionalities also give Crestron the edge when retrofitting older homes for a new generation of updates. Designed to function smoothly with third-party apps, Crestron also plays nicely with other brands in your house. Whether you’re first adding smart home features to your home or merging Crestron with other brands, the technology can provide the flexibility you need.

Individualized Programs

With Crestron, customers have the final word when deciding how they want their Crestron system to look, feel and interact with them. Crestron’s programs, from lighting to audio/video to security, are completely customizable. That’s because Crestron manufactures 100% of its own products and continually looks for ways to improve.

When you meet with your Digital Interiors integrator, you can discuss exactly how you want your Crestron system to look and function, and your build will come to life before your eyes.

You can start by letting them know if you want to program your home through an app, remote control, touchpad – with Crestron, you can even have a combination of all four.

Complex Needs? No Problem!

Because Creston systems are so easily customizable, they can withstand most difficult requests. Need extensive audio/video distribution? Multi-point access control? Live in a large home? The technology can even handle these demands because of its ability to merge a vast, often disparate network of programs and applications.

Crestron’s programmable solutions can circumvent common automation problems, as long as you are using a trusted, in-demand integrator such Digital Interiors. We’ll also ensure that your Crestron applications are running smoothly throughout their lifetime.

User Experience

Look at your security, lighting, energy usage and more from anywhere you are using a comprehensive Crestron interface. As you can see from our Crestron demo, just click a room, and you’re on your way to getting an all-access pass to your home’s controls. Just remember, Crestron can change nearly everything about these interfaces to fit your preferences if these demos don’t look suitable for your home.

Ready to experience Crestron for your next home technology integration project? Contact us here, chat live with us below or give us a call at (770) 844-5800.

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