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Why Should You Avoid a DIY Smart Home Installation?

Why Should You Avoid a DIY Smart Home Installation?

Smart technology is more accessible than ever, ranging from thermostats that adjust to your daily schedule to lights that automatically turn on when it’s time to get up in the morning. With so many new devices available, people are increasingly interested in upgrading to smart homes where all their technology is more intuitive and easy to use.

The good thing is that with a smart home automation system, these intelligent spaces can become a reality. The bad news is that many users are opting for a DIY approach that looks more like a nightmare. In this blog, we highlight some common issues associated with DIY installations and show you how our expert technicians can help.

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Problem #1: Investing in Incompatible Devices

The whole point of a smart home is getting all your technology working together. This often doesn’t end up being the case with a DIY installation. Instead of fixing an old problem, you’ve simply created a new one. Forget about the pile of remotes on the coffee table; now you have to deal with a whole folder of apps to go through your daily routine.

This is the biggest benefit of opting for a professional smart home automation system. All of your technology—lights, entertainment, security, and more—is all in one place. Make changes throughout the day from the same dedicated touchpad, mobile app, or smart remote.

Problem #2: DIY Doesn’t Mean Do It Easily

Just because a product markets itself as DIY is not to say that it’s simply going to be a plug-in-and-play type of installation. In defense of many of these products, often the problem isn’t with the technology itself. It might have to do with your home. Maybe there’s not the right wiring in place to put devices where you want them. Maybe your outlets or network settings are a bit different than the examples that came with the device.

This is why it’s always best to work with a professional that knows about low-voltage wiring and network installations. What might become a frustrating hour-long obstacle for a DIY installation, can often be resolved in a matter of minutes with the right tools and experience.

Problem #3: Ending Up with an Incomplete System

As with most DIY projects, many people come in with the best intentions and slowly peter out once they realize how difficult the task is. What you had envisioned as a fully connected home ends up being just a few devices—usually whatever you decided to buy first. Sometimes this also means that only a few rooms in your home get a smart upgrade.

With a professional smart home automation system, you work with the experts at Starr Systems from the start to figure out what technology you want to include and what rooms you want to incorporate. You’ll end up with a comprehensive, fully integrated solution.

Problem #4: Not Doing Enough to Strengthen Your Network

Smart technology works through a process known as the Internet of Things. All of these connected devices communicate with each other—and in some cases, the cloud—to process your commands and function more efficiently. What this means is that your home network now has a much tougher workload than it did when you were just looking to stream some shows on your laptop.

Often when we have people reaching out about problems with their smart home, it has nothing to do with the devices themselves. It usually has to do with a network issue. As part of all of our smart home installations, we strengthen your network infrastructure to make sure it can handle all the automation features that you want to include.

The final benefit of working with a professional? If anything does go wrong, there’s someone with intimate knowledge of your system who can resolve issues as soon as they arise. If you want to learn more about our smart home automation installation and maintenance services, fill out our online contact form.

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