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Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest in Whole Home Audio Solutions

Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest in Whole Home Audio Solutions

Transform the Sound of Your Delaware Valley Property With Lossless Audio

Music fans love the idea of a whole home audio system, but some need an extra push when it comes to investing in one. An appropriately installed arrangement can make every corner of your Delaware Valley home sound better than ever. But do you have access to enough quality content to make it worthwhile? The simple answer is yes! In this blog, we’ll show you how you can stream lossless audio with your whole house music system today. Read on for more.

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What Is Lossless Audio?

Music collectors know the pain of new formats. First there were vinyl records, which provided great-sounding, analog music but were hard to transport. Then came CDs, which offered an easy-to-move way to listen to music that sounded nearly as good as the big wax records. More recently, MP3s took over the marketplace, allowing for easy storage and mobility, but reducing the quality of the tracks in the process.

And that’s where lossless audio comes in. Lossless formats, like FLAC and DSD, offer “better than CD quality” digital recordings that don’t require physical media. MP3s were able to fit on a pocket-sized storage device because they removed bits of the music to make the files smaller. Lossless replaced the bits lost, ensuring a fuller sound, but requiring more storage space. So it seemed like the format wars would continue for a little while longer.

Why Invest a Whole Home Audio System Now?

Of course, the debate over quantity and quality was sidelined within the last decade because of a new advancement: music streaming. Now fans don’t even have to own the tracks to have access to millions of songs. They didn’t have to invest in storage space or concern themselves with organizational tools. They just needed wireless internet access and they could rock out to anything they wanted.

There was just one problem: streaming services still only offered MP3-quality tracks. True audiophiles didn’t like the fact that they were literally hearing less of each song, no matter how many they could play. That’s why services like Tidal, Deezer and Spotify now offer lossless streaming tiers to their subscription plans.

So it’s the perfect time to invest in a whole home audio system: you now have virtually unlimited access to high-quality, lossless tracks that can stream to any section of your home. You don’t have to re-buy your collection, and you can make your home sound better than ever.

Are you excited about streaming lossless music with a whole home audio system? Contact Hi-Fi Sales today by filling out this form or calling us at 856-751-1100.

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