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Why It’s Time to Start Thinking About Outdoor Lighting

Why It’s Time to Start Thinking About Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy a Brighter Spring With a Landscape Lighting Control System

The Atlanta, GA winter can be rough for anyone who loves the outdoors.

The foliage is dead, the pool is empty and it’s just too cold out to have a lot of fun.

But the good news is the spring is right around the corner, and you’ll be enjoying all of your favorite activities again. And the best place to do that is your own backyard.

If you’re looking for a way to add a little springtime beauty to your outdoor spaces, and to make the most out of the season, you might consider an outdoor lighting control system.

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Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Spaces

There’s no better way to highlight your outdoor spaces than with smart lighting control.

With a few swipes on your smartphone, tablet or control device, you can craft the perfect lighting scheme to show off your yard.

Illuminate aspects of your foliage, outdoor fixtures and other features, while downplaying the parts you don’t love as much.

And once you’ve chosen the perfect arrangement, you can save it with ease. That means it’s just one tap away the next time you want to use it. 

Plus, you can use the other components in your smart home automation system, like timers, sensors and more to enjoy hands-free control.

Save Energy With LED

One thing many homeowners can’t stop thinking about is energy usage.

But when you install a smart lighting system, you can rest easy.

Not only does your system track usage so you can make adjustments based on real-time data, but many modern fixtures feature LED lights.

LED stands for light-emitting diode. It’s a system of lighting that’s much more efficient than your average fluorescent or incandescent bulb.

LEDs use up to 80 percent of the energy used to power them, and they can last up to 20 years under normal conditions.

Also, they’re frequently made from bio-degradable materials, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment, either.

Make Your Spaces Safer

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of adding light to your outdoor spaces is the increased safety.

As you spend more time outdoors – especially after the sun goes down – you don’t want to run the risk of tripping on a wayward hose, encountering a strange animal or worse.

Light can help. By keeping your spaces bright, you can avoid any surprises. But with a home lighting control system, it can be beautiful as well as functional.


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