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Why is a Professional Home Network Installation Ideal for You?

Why is a Professional Home Network Installation Ideal for You?

Make the Most of Your Internet-Connected Smart Home Technologies

Think about how many smart devices and technologies you have in your home that everyone uses on a daily basis. From your computers, tablets, and phones to smart TVs, video and music streaming services to even your thermostat and lights perhaps, you most likely are using a lot of internet bandwidth throughout the day.

To keep these technologies working at their best, you need a home network that’s up for the job – one that goes beyond just single the modem/router your internet service provider (ISP) brings to the table.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top-notch home network services that Hi-Fi Sales offers. Keep reading below to see why and how our team can upgrade your network connection and improve how well smart home in the Philadelphia area runs every day.


Why a Professional Home Network Installation?

So, why might you need an upgraded home network – and why is a professional one the way to go? It turns out that your home network takes on a lot of work when you use your various smart technologies throughout the day.

The more people in your home and the more who are streaming videos and using the internet, the more you are using your network’s available bandwidth. This will leave you and your family stuck with buffering, lagging, and overall – a delay in all your technology’s performance.

During our professional home network installations, our team coordinates with your ISP to increase the amount of bandwidth your home network can handle. But what about if your internet speeds are not the problem – rather WiFi reception is?

What Does the Installation Process Involve?

Your network upgrade ensures that you have a stable and reliable internet connection in every area of your home. So, whether you go with a completely wired system or not, our team makes sure your network reaches every corner of your property. We lay down the proper wiring infrastructure and set up wireless access points where they’re needed.

We also install necessary firewalls and other precautions to boost your network’s security. You can keep your peace of mind knowing that your personal data and information is well-protected. From slow-working technologies to identity theft – our installation prevents a variety of your worries.

When the installation is through, our team checks that everything is working properly for the long-run and that all your smart technologies are functioning effectively and efficiently on the network.

We want to make sure that your network wiring and systems are set for years down the road, so we provide maintenance testing and check-ins. Our home network services only begin with the installation. We will consistently take care of your network connection and keep your smart home running smoothly for the near and distant future.

Want to learn more about our home network services and installations throughout the Philadelphia area? Give us a call at (856) 751-1100, chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.

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