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Why Choose Motorized Shades Over Manual Blinds?

Why Choose Motorized Shades Over Manual Blinds?

See How This Smart Feature is an Ideal Solution for Any Residential Space

When you think of motorized shades, you might wonder if they’re really necessary for your home in the Cherry Hill area. After all – for a product that merely covers up your windows, how much different can they really be from standard, manual ones?

The answer is a whole lot.  The impact automated shades can have on your daily life is immense – and in this blog, we’ll show you just how revolutionary they can be.

Want to learn more about this smart technology and how it can transform your home for the better? Read on below.


Never Reach for Shades Again

The most obvious difference between motorized shades and manual ones is, of course, that one is powered through batteries or hardwired solutions – and the latter is not.

While with manual blinds, you can only control them through a drawstring cord or pulling the shade itself, you can manage motorized window treatments through a remote, an in-wall keypad or even from an application on your smartphone or tablet. You don’t even have to be in the same room to control motorized shades.

But the advantages to automated shades go far beyond that. Having smart shades in place means never straining to manage them again.

You know your home best. Perhaps during specific hours of the day, you know that direct sunlight enters your windows and causes solar heat gain inside your house. With a motorized blinds solution, simply schedule for your shades to automatically lower at that time of day and for them to rise again later.

No reaching, no stretching, and no jumping through hoops ever again to figure out how to operate them. No more worrying about whether they’ve been left raised or lowered.

With motorized shades, you can rest assured knowing control of your window treatments always is in your own hands. 

Improve Your Interior Design and Décor

Not only can motorized shades add convenience and comfort to your day-to-day life, but they can also enhance your interior design – and with their automated components, can also protect them.

You might have resisted covering up your large, bay windows in your home but still had wished to put shades on them. Now it won’t be hard to use them, and you won’t need a ladder to operate them – motorized shades take away the hassle.

Sometimes, long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays are too harsh for your delicate furniture or antiques and other artwork. So, by scheduling your shades to lower at certain times, you can keep interiors safe.

And even though your shades are smart home technology at work, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and luxurious. There are so many fabrics, finishes and patterns to choose from that one is sure to match with your existing décor.

There’s no doubt about it: Motorized shades are far more advantageous than traditional ones. And our team at Hi-Fi Sales is here to help you find and install the perfect ones for your space.


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