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Why Choose a Home Automation Company Over a DIY Solution?

Why Choose a Home Automation Company Over a DIY Solution?

Do Homeowners See Significant Benefits From Consulting a Professional?

We’re not going to lie to you: The DIY industry wants to make you think that there’s something superior about going it alone when installing technology into your Atlanta, GA, home. We believe that notion couldn’t be further from the truth, and you’re about to see why.

As installers ourselves, we’ve seen robust benefits to lending our customized advice, expertise and  support. Further, our technical know-how complements our knowledge of design and dedication to the customer experience, giving us the artistic talent it takes to install the most beautiful and functional integrations. Read on to see why you should enlist Digital Interiors, North Georgia’s premier home automation company to help you with your smart home. In this blog, we’ll highlight three specific benefits that we can provide.

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We Know Our Technology and How It Fits Home Design

It’s not enough to simply conceptualize technology within model spaces or digital showrooms. Each home has unique needs. You deserve an integrator that can appreciate each home’s layout and features and work painstakingly to find the right devices that fit its countless specifications.

For example, when we install a home theater, we inspect the acoustics of the room and find the right speakers and placement for the most immersive surround sound. Similarly, when we set up your lighting design, we don’t just install “four cans and a fan” and call the project complete. Instead, we strategically craft ambient, accent and task light that accentuates your home’s favorite architectural details. We also program lighting scenes to suit a relaxing night in the living room or an invigorating morning in your home gym.

We Understand Our Favorite Systems and Devices

As certified Crestron installers, we know how to not only install their incredibly complex offerings but also customize them to meet your exact needs. Crestron has been engineering the most customizable and scalable home control in the industry for more than three decades, and Digital Interiors can program them to your advantage.

What does customization look like for you? From your smartphone, you can activate a “Summer Relaxation” scene outside that unlocks your gate, turns your jacuzzi to 101 degrees and starts playing your favorite jazz playlist from your landscape speakers -- before you even leave the office.

Crestron cares about how your control looks: They offer many keypad options, including tabletop and in-wall solutions, as well as their Horizon switches in a large variety of finishes and gang configurations.

You’ll Gain Support Throughout the Process

When something goes awry during a DIY installation, you not only paid for the product but possibly even damaged your walls trying to install it. You probably calculated the initial risk but maybe didn’t think that you’d be left to clean up the mess, too. Don’t let this happen to you! The Digital Interiors team makes even the most complex, wired installations look seamless and straightforward.


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