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Why Bang and Olufsen is the Perfect Addition to Your Home Audio System

Why Bang and Olufsen is the Perfect Addition to Your Home Audio System

Get More out of Your Music with Specialized Speakers from Your Local Dealers


Everyone loves the sound of their favorite songs and movies. But let’s face it: music sounds better when it comes from a perfectly calibrated 2-channel audio or surround sound system. The best way to get crisp, high-quality audio to your Atlanta, GA home is to upgrade your loudspeakers. We strive to be dealers for the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure you get the best sound quality. Recently, we expanded our high-end audio solutions by becoming Bang and Olufsen Elite Dealers. We’ll be showcasing their BeoLab series front and center in our new experience center opening up in early December!


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What is the BeoLab Series?

The BeoLab series corresponds to Bang & Olufsen’s premier residential loudspeakers. All of the speakers are crafted, calibrated and tuned by hand to provide the best sonic quality in your space. Through their revolutionary designs, they also become instant stylistic pieces for your home with vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes to fit any interior décor.

Whether you’re building a 2-channel audio system or a home theater surround sound, the speakers provide fluid, precise sound. Through their wireless connectivity, you can listen to different music in each room or connect all of your home’s speakers simultaneously.

Which Speaker is the Right Fit for You?

For our experience center, we chose our three favorite loudspeakers from the BeoLab line: the BeoLab 50, BeoLab 20 and BeoLab 17. Below we offer up a bit more information on each of them so you can figure out which is the best fit for your home. To truly hear the difference of each, you can schedule an appointment to hear them in person at our experience center.

  • BeoLab 50: This high-end loudspeaker offers powerful sound in a sleek, slender design. With a combination of aluminum and warm oak surfaces, it provides a stylistic solution for your 2-channel audio system. The innovative design includes an acoustic lens that emerges at the top of the speaker. This lens can adjust to tailor the sound to the position of the audience. This way you get the perfect audio whether you're sitting at your preferred listening spot or hosting a group of friends. The speaker also includes active room compensation to calibrate to the space.
  • BeoLab20: This loudspeaker includes an Acoustic Lens with 180-degree dispersion to allow for smooth audio throughout the room. You can move around and not notice a change in quality. This lens can also reduce unwanted distortion caused by floor or ceiling reflections. As your local dealers, we can take advantage of Adaptive Bass technology to calibrate the speaker to its surroundings. With a modern design, it is ideal for any room in your home. Its flexible wireless capabilities let you easily stream your favorite music to the speaker at the press of a button.
  • BeoLab 17: Get the ultimate in luxury sound without sacrificing your décor with these smaller wireless speakers. These aren’t the Bluetooth wireless speakers you’re used to. The BeoLab 17 uses 5Hz frequency to reduce lagging signals and offers 24-bit uncompressed audio quality. Get the best sound reproduction out of your favorite streaming services including Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. Its small size allows for design flexibility: They can go on a table stand, floor base, floor stand or wall bracket.

The best way to find out just how good Bang & Olufsen speakers are is to listen to them firsthand. You can demo them in our brand new experience center. To schedule an appointment, you can call us at (770) 844-5800 or fill out our online contact form.



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