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Where to Begin With Smart Home Automation

Where to Begin With Smart Home Automation

Helpful Tips for Philadelphia, PA Residents New to Smart Tech

If you’re new to the concept of smart home automation, you might just be struggling to find the place to start. Even when you invest in relatively small, entry-level systems, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the new options available to you. But smart technology shouldn’t be daunting! It should be a solution that helps simplify your life. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the basics of integrated technology and some ideas on improving your system. Read on for more!

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Smart Device Ecosystems

Even before you begin researching and investing in integrated technology, you’ve probably heard of “smart” devices. It could be a smart NEST thermostat, a Sonos wireless audio system or even the phone you’re reading this blog on right now! The term “smart” applies to technology that can connect to the internet to improve functionality.

One of the biggest functional improvements of smart technology is the ability to communicate with other devices to create a working ecosystem. For instance, your thermostat might talk to a connected camera to know when you’re occupying a room. If the camera senses you, then the thermostat can automatically adjust to the appropriate temperature.

When the devices work together, they can simplify your lifestyle. They can track energy usage, provide activity alerts and activate automatically so you can focus on more important things in life.

Building a Smart Home System

Integrating a technology ecosystem and having a smart home are two different things. While the concept is similar, a tech ecosystem is built by different devices that work independently as well as together. That means each features individual controls, which can lead to more hassle than it’s worth.

On the other hand, a smart home system integrates all of the different devices into a single system, with a single control interface. Not only does that make it simpler from a user standpoint, but a properly integrated system makes transitioning between device controls entirely seamless.

Where to Start?

Of course, with all of this talk about the difference between ecosystems and smart homes, the casual reader may get a bit overwhelmed. Does having a smart home mean you have to invest all kinds of time and money on renovations just to enjoy a system that dims the lights when you want to watch a movie?

The short answer is no. There are plenty of solutions available that don’t require heavy renovation or excessive cabling. Plus, despite the term “smart home” you can easily upgrade with one room solutions just to get the feel of how the technology can improve your lifestyle.

If you’re just getting started on a smart home automation system, it helps to work with experts who can guide you to making informed, long-lasting decisions. Contact Hi-Fi Sales for more information by filling out this short form or by giving us a call at 856-751-1100.

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