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Where Can You Enjoy Your Whole Home Audio System?

Where Can You Enjoy Your Whole Home Audio System?

Integrated Solutions that Work Anywhere

A whole home audio system that only works in some rooms doesn’t deserve the name. You should enjoy your favorite music in any area of your Delaware Valley property. From the kitchen to the bedroom, even above the garage, the same music from the same source should stream seamlessly. But we understand that all rooms are not created equal, so you’ll need solutions that fit every space. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can enjoy high-fidelity sound throughout your entire home.

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Go Wireless with Sonos

If you’re in the market for a sound system, you’ve likely come across Sonos. The leader in wireless audio has earned its reputation as one of the best cord-cutting brands available. From the individual Play:5 speakers that feature big sound in a compact package to the versatile Sonos Connect Amp, which helps turn your entire system wireless, you can enjoy music in every room with minimal hassle. Sonos is perfect for retrofit spaces that won’t support in-wall wiring.

Plus, you don’t have to settle for Sonos brand products. While the company offers top-of-the-line gear, audio quality is still largely subjective. If you’re a big fan of Bowers and Wilkins or other high-end audio components, your integrator can probably make them work with the Sonos Connect Amp.

Enjoy Audio Outside

Don’t get stuck indoors just because your favorite song is playing – you can enjoy the great outdoors with a landscape audio system. If you’ve been following our blog, you know that you can integrate connected speakers in your yard and pool area. But did you know you can add some kick by integrating a subwoofer as well?

There’s no denying that deep bass notes transform the way you enjoy your music, and a subwoofer is the only way to enhance the bass effectively. However, just like your landscape speaker components, you don’t want to see a giant sub cluttering your yard. That’s why it’s important to invest in an underground subwoofer: a nearly invisible unit that provides the necessary bass levels for rocking out to your music.

Satellite Houses

Of course, if you want to listen to your streaming audio in the pool house or above the garage, you may want to invest in outdoor wiring solutions. Put simply: you won’t get better sound from your home’s AV gear – even over long distances – without a hardwired solution. If you’re hoping to move from the house through the yard and into the pool house without missing a beat, a hardwired system is the way to go.

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